• Welcome to the new home of Simple trACtors and the Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractor Club.


    Use the Browse menu option to navigate and explore different areas of the site.  Or use the Activity option to see the latest content, keep track of content you started or posted in, or even to create your own custom Activity stream to track things. Of course, you can use Search to find specific things you are looking for.

    This new software system provides several key benefits. Here's just a few:

    • It will allow us to seamlessly integrate all the background information found on the old Simple trACtors site (such as brochures, technical specs, etc.) with the interactive features of the discussions forums, giving users the ability to reply, comment, rate, like, share,etc.  Perhaps most importantly, it will integrate all of this information underneath one Search function, making it much easier for you to find the needed information. (For example, there's no longer a need to search separate Archives -- it is all in one place.)
    • It was designed from the ground up to support today's mobile devices, tablets, etc. It is an evolving commercial product, which we license, meaning that new devices will be supported as they come on the market, and new features and capabilities are being constantly added.
    • It has greatly improved photo support, allowing you to easily upload pictures and automatically resizes them for you -- making it a "drag and drop" kind of action, though you can also browse your computer (or phone) and upload them that way.  There are no longer any constraints (picture size, file size, number of pictures,etc.) for our members.

    Meanwhile the entire old site is still accessible on our testing server at www.simpletractors.net - though the forums there are locked to prevent new posts.  Feel free to use it -- though there will be broken links and some missing pictures, icons, etc. due to changing the name of the site.

    This is a HUGE ongoing migration of the content and may take months to complete.  In addition to getting the Clubhouse fully operational, there's well over 1,000 pages and 7,500 pictures from Simple trACtors to integrate. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this ongoing construction and remodeling project. We did not want to keep the forums shut down during this transition any longer than absolutely necessary.  Things will be constantly changing for a while yet, but we will try to keep the disruptions to the key navigation methods to a minimum. 

    Please monitor the News and Announcements forum for key updates and reports on this ongoing project.  Report any problems you encounter or ask for help in the appropriate Using the Clubhouse forums.

    Most importantly, explore the new capabilities and "enjoy the ride!"