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Gene's Shop

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About this blog

For years I've admired and wanted a Simplicity Carry-all like this one. Maynard had 2  and when he passed I made a mistake not requesting one when sold. We just don't see 'em in  Missouri as it seem the farmers who bought garden tractors were fiscally conservative and they just didn't splurge for equipment. Heck, you don't even see many hydro garden tractors around here from the 1960's as farmers opted for "the poor man's hydro" variable speed units because of their familiarity with similar drive units on harvester/combines. But I digress..


 ACken fabricated the top link for me. I cut, drilled, and welded the rest of the skeleton from new bar stock purchased locally. Again, the skeleton is similar but different than the original (we can say to protect infringement on patents but in reality I'm no engineer so it is what it is). 



I decided to weld instead of bolt together the frame. Besides, my drill bit collection is junk. And, I bought a Hobart 125EZ welder on closeout at TSC so this was an opportunity to get familiar with wire welding. Was I going to take this apart later anyway? No 



You can see I also used some angles cut from a Cub Cadet frame I had from a part out.




I may fab up a set of longer lower arms. I think this would make carry-all have a steeper incline when dumping a load of whatever. I have the tailgate too. I'll post a picture mounted in a few days.  How about my climbing wall? More on that sometime later but you can't get to it w/o climbing over my garden tractors & equipment.




Entries in this blog


Worked after work so I can work

Well, nothing went right yesterday, Monday April 17. Our day was crazy at the office, phone calls from the wild side, etc. I checked but I already knew the full moon occurred last week, not this week! Over the years I've seen the pattern and I am a believer that a full moon brings out the wild side. When I got home the day didn't get any better. I enjoy mowing with a 42" deck fdt; especially the longer frame models, so last week I readied the B210 for mowing duties with my rough deck so I can justify mowing w/out picking up sticks, clearing roots, whatever. Linda and I ate a quick Easter leftovers dinner and I was off to mow I thought. About 100' into the mow the B210 died as if I had picked up a root or something in the deck. Drove back to just outside my basement shop and found the mid pto seized; that's right it was seized!  Never heard of that. So, I unhooked the deck (in the grass), pulled it from under the tractor, positioned the Bumblebee 10, and slid, tugged, lifted, cussed, got blocks and pry bar, and after a lot of sweat and rolling around remounted it. It musta taken an hour. Of course, I in the grass nothing seemed to align correctly. Finally after I got the pins secured I tried every belt I had on the rack but I have 2 for longer fdt frame to 42" deck drive belts and 1 that must have worked on some short frame (B10) sometime but it had to have shrunk or something. Well, its dark-thirty and I'll have to run get a deck drive belt today so that I can again start to mow tonight. So, I conclude that after work last night I worked so that I can work tonight. Its like I spun my wheels but didn't get anywhere. Oh yes, I haven't removed the blade and chains from the Conquest yet which is my go-to mower tractor. The fdt are for fun. Ugh  


IMG_0284.thumb.JPG.63a4fe5cc41097f87f0d7c78912960c9.JPGIts been wet most of the spring and when it wasn't Linda and/or I were traveling. Had a load of mulch delivered in early March. Have the Swisher bucket mounted on the B210 but it doesn't really work well to dump a bucket of mulch on top of the already growing hosta plants. And it takes several trips over the yard and my grass, as you can see, has its challenges anyway. So I decided what the heck, let's put the Agri-Fab Utility 10 Carry-all to use.  Here I am backed up to the wet double ground mulch pile in our drive. The silage fork fits easily as pictured so I can scoop from the sides and grab a large scoop full. IMG_0284.thumb.JPG.63a4fe5cc41097f87f0d7c78912960c9.JPG 


I'd used a larger Agri-fab Utility trailer to haul mulch this week but it holds about 2.5 times more, takes longer to load and unload (not enough built-in breaks), and you have to back it up. I am pretty good at backing 2 and 4 wheel trailers but I have earned the right to make it a little easier on myself when I want. No backing and more breaks it is. Here you see the loaded cart. I backed right over hosta plants and into the bed to. Nearly as handy as a shirt pocket. 



Cooper photobombed me. This mulch was wet/heavy but the box full wasn't hard to lift. Actually it seemed to break over center quickly making the armstrong lift easier than I expected. I'll post a picture of the hosta garden fully mulched later today. Love these warm, spring days.


As promised, Miss Linda's hosta garden




Agri-Fab Utility 10 Carry-all

I am getting a handle on blogging (late is better than never, right?) so bare with me as I cut from the original, paste in new entries, and add more. 

As I stated, I sought advice from everyone I could think of about measurements, metal dimensions, maybe even buying a well worn Simplicity cart to use. Chris727 shuttered in his shoes when I mentioned I was thinking of "destroying a Simplicity dump cart for the cause. That caused me to rethink and remember a project build I'd followed on SimpletrACtors by snohiker  https://simpletractors.com/forums/topic/37363-carryall-update-5-26-11/#comment-413033  Take a look at it and you will no doubt see similarities. 


Next up I contacted ZippoVarga for metal measurements. Zippo had bought an old, rough carry-all box  that needed a total undercarriage rebuild.IMG_1544.thumb.JPG.418d10671bdcfe34a831f8dc01651d16.JPG


Again, you will see the similarity. If that furrow has already been plowed, and its working, all I really need to do is fall in line.



The run-down garden cart I bought from a CL ad was perfect. 2 flat tires and looked terrible but the bed was in nice, shape. 



In reality, I am not sure how much use this will get but I can pick it up and throw it in the corner or on a shelf to get it out of the way much easier than moving my Allis dump cart that is in too nice shape to use anyway. And, I just like tinkering in the shop, now in our basement) as it takes my mind off work and other stressful stuff. AND - If I remember correctly former Club Secretaries have had a carry-all or a version of one anyway. As it warms and I use it this spring I am sure there will be a modification or two in the works. gw


The product

I've thought about starting this on a FB post, saying something like: I've ended my life-long search for an Agri-Fab Utility 10 prototype carryall. I read about these "prototype" garden tractors found, one of a kind stuff, modifications like my dad and I would make to farm tractors and equipment to make them work better for us in our particular situation. Also, if we didn't have what we needed, and/or couldn't afford it, then we built it. I made this carry-all box to satisfy my want and save myself some cash. Thought also occurred to me the grandchildren might get a kick out of riding in it later. 

Note-that's Cooper, our English Cream Golden Retriever, watching the doors. He's my partner on all projects


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