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UPDATE - Sickle Bar Shakedown

Looks like a previous owner tried to repair the bracket.  Notice the poor welding job.  On the bottom, the weld prevented a proper mounting.  Also notice that one of the bolt holes is wobbled (egg shaped). 

The hinge had problems of its own.  Notice the peened mounting surface and wobbled bolt hole. 

I think all of these factors contributed to an unstable assembly and resulted in the violent shaking.

But while surfing for something else, I stumbled on a NOS  Bracket and a used hinge that appeared in very good condition so I jumped at both of them.  I am now reassembling and will let y'all know how it works out.


Bracket B.jpg

Bracket A.jpg

Hinge A.jpg

Hinge B.jpg

Entries in this blog


9020 Restore/Resurection

Been sitting around for 5 years and finally coming to the top of the Queue.  Saw it on craigslist and immediately called at around 8PM.  It was located about two hours away so I asked the guy if he would hold it for me.  He said no, as he had other interested parties.  I asked if I could come up that night.  He said, "You want it that badly"?  I said, "Yeah, I have been looking for one."  So he said he would hold it.  Got it the next day for $350.  It came with a 5 ft deck, front blade, rototiller and a vacuum system but no gas tank.  

When I brought it home, I got it to fire by squirting fuel into the carb.  I added a gas tank but now it won't run and the starter seems to have died.  I tried to use an impact drill to turn it over for a compression test but no.  Rather than start throwing parts at it, I decided to repower with a Predator 670 Honda clone.

PIC 2.jpg

PIC 1.jpg




Sickle bar update

Received the new hinge and bracket.  The bracket was AC yellow - - -can't have that so after about an hour media-blasting and a day or so waiting for paint to dry, here are the parts, ready to install.  But wait!  What's that I see on the cutter bar?  Is that another wobbled bolt hole?  And same thing on the matching hole on the lever assembly.  Man. if it isn't one thing it is something else.  the fun never ceases.  I took the bar and lever to the machine shop where they will drill the holes to a bigger size.  I figure all of these wobbles and peened surfaces contributed to the violent shaking, so when this thing is done, you won't even know it is running.

2017-09-21 20.48.07.jpg

lever assembly.JPG

cutter bar.JPG

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