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About this blog

First time managing a blog, but I imagine that it is similar to that whole Facebook thing, so I shouldn't have much trouble. A bit about my past, I grew up on a dairy farm in southeast Wisconsin and as your average farm boy, I had an interest in tractors. When I started to operate the family lawnmower at age 7, I knew this stuff was a good fit for me. Things really spiraled out of control at about age 9 or so. Previously, I had mastered tearing things apart and that was where it ended. With Grandpa's guiding wisdom, I learned how to put the pieces back in their places and have them run too. I also learned many other things from Dad as well, until I heard him say "You know more about that than I do." I thought that this was not good, so I turned to reading books and service manuals. Aside from my farm boy chores, I also started working for a neighbor who ran a small engine repair business. At this point, I had traded my bicycle for a 1941 Farmall H tractor that my Dad said I could have if I could get it running (boy, was he surprised). I used this tractor as my transportation around the Lake Geneva, WI - Hebron, IL area for some time. My step-mom's dad had an old Allis Chalmers garden tractor that I used to putz with and it also had most of all the attachments that went with it. The engine threw a rod (Briggs 16, I think) and it sat and I found other interests that cost less to pursue. Dang, I miss that AC tractor and the times I had on it.

Fast forward to current day. My latest adventure basically landed in my lap, my nephew had a Simplicity sitting in the weeds and jokingly said that I would give it a new home. He said, take it. It has started again....

Entries in this blog

Tired Iron

New Sunstar Hydro Control Rod

Post Office delivered the control rod for my Sunstar the other day. I purchased it from Jack's Small Engine and have to say I was not impressed. I ordered what I saw as "In Stock" where the parts I ordered were in fact not in stock and had to be ordered. So, it took much longer for the part to arrive than I was expecting. I had thought about rebuilding the old control rod, but I abandoned that idea because the control rod cost $27. The surgery was short and simple (about an hour), no other surprises when replacing the control rod. I greased the front U-joint while I had the covers off.

Now if we can get it to warm up here in southeastern WI so I can mow the grass again. It is very deceiving to look out the window and see things greening up and it is only 44 degrees.

control rods replacement.jpg

Tired Iron

New Addition to the Tired Iron Ranch

Bought a Sunstar 18 a few weeks ago. It needs some TLC and I have been working on it. The hour meter has 2316 hours on it and the M18S is still running strong with no noticeable oil consumption or power loss (not sure if it is the original engine or not, tag isn't legible). The hydrostatic control linkage is worn out and the replacement has arrived, so that will be installed soon. The 48" mower deck was rusted through in several places and I stripped the deck down to the shell and transferred all the parts to the 48" donor deck I bought that came off of a 7116. There were two pulleys that I had to move to get it all to work and a bunch of holes that needed to be drilled, but I expected this much. I've already mowed about an acre of grass with it and I am satisfied with its performance.

When time allows, I'll clean her up and pound some of the dents out of it and make a rear lift to so it can earn its keep around here!

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