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Bringing an old tractor back to New, Part Two



Most of the paint is shiny now, and I've been using her mostly to mow.  The way the weather has been, that's twice a week right now!  Anyway, one night after work, I thought I should mow the grass.  Rain was coming that weekend, and I didn't want to get stuck doing it wet.

Went to the barn, hopped on the tractor, and gave it the key a turn.  The engine gave half a revolution, and then nothing.  Any other key manipulations just gave me a click.  That's when I noticed smoke coming from under the dash!  After a quick check to make sure nothing was on fire,  I left it be for the evening.  Next day, I decided to tear into the wire harness and make it "right"

Pulled the whole thing out.  I found three or four wires that had the insulation abraded off them.  I cut the bad sections out, and replaced it.  I also found lots of dirt and grass in the connector bodies.  Those were disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with lots of Di-Electric Grease.  My solenoid needed replacement and the whole harness was just a mess in general.  A lot of the tape sheathing was worn, so I replaced that as well.  All in All, I spent about 5 hours on that harness.  Everything works as it should again...except the seat switch.  That bugger got bypassed!  

What else needs to be done?  Well, the running boards need a new coat of paint and the deck is definitely going to need some attention this winter.  The arbors are in good shape, but the paint is really bad.  Its starting to rust, so I'm going to strip that down, and see if I can have it powdercoated.  If not, it will get the POR-15 treatment like the last one I did.   

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