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What's coming next/soon?



Just to describe some of the things in the works, in no particular order:

1.  I'm working with the developer of the Classifieds plug-in we're using to coordinate with the guy who created the Trader Feedback System so that we can integrate feedback in the classifieds.  I've already purchased Trader Feedback, and they're working on how to link the two together.  Though it won't work exactly like eBay, it will allow buyers and sellers to provide feedback to each other, and allow potential buyers/sellers to check out the other person's reputation.  This will put feedback on the person's profile, in addition to providing detailed views of it.




Along with this coordination effort, we're waiting to install the latest version of the Classifieds.  That new version will support integration with the Google Maps API, so that we can show a Google Map (down to city and state, NOT street) of where the item in the ad is located.  A user then can quickly click on that map and calculate how far away they are from where the item is located.

2.  Similar to that, having implemented the Google Maps API, we plan to add the functions for lists of members down the road, and to see the members' location pinned on a Google map, so it will easier to find other enthusiasts nearby.

3.  At the top of the priority list is to set up the Dues Payment process, so Members can pay their club dues. That one is in progress now... This software has the built-in capability to handle much/most of that, though the interface you use will be dramatically different. It works more like a storefront and shopping cart.  Invoices are generated, and members can either pay that invoice online, or print it and mail it in with their check. One distinct advantage is that members will be able to see and review their entire history of payments.  The system sends the email dues payment reminders automatically, with links to pay their dues (outstanding invoice), etc.  More complex, but much more powerful -- like many other things in this new software system.

4.  Incorporating a separate News function, similar to the old clubhouse, so that we can announce things like the winner of the Tractor of the Month on the home page...

5.  Meanwhile, I have a consultant looking at how to recreate the Tractor Registry here, and to import the data from the old site.

6. Implement the ability to sign in here using Facebook, Google+, etc in one click.  But, before we can do that, we need to set up automated checks that requires new users to provide all the required background info in their user profiles.  All that information such as address does not come with them if they come from Facebook, for example.  They will still need to update their profile here to add it.

7. Begin the migration and incorporation of the old Simple trACtors content, likely under a menu option titled Research, with categories underneath for Allis-Chalmers, Simplicity, etc.  We had all that content imported first into Wordpress, the most powerful, widely-used blog software out there, cleaned up a bit, and then IPS Support imported that content after they converted the forums.  (All the 7500+ pictures were moved over also.) But, all that content will need to be manually edited, organized so you can navigate from Page 1 > Page 2, and incorporated into the menu structure here.  

8. As a part of that Simple trACtors migration, we have to set up the ability for our club sponsors to place ads in those pages.  Their ads have helped pay for the ongoing server costs to run this site -- while the club (out of club dues) has essentially split that cost.  The goal, as before, is to keep ads out of the forums for dues-paying members, but to use ads in the "background info" to help offset the recurring costs.  It also provides an easy way for members to navigate to their sites to look up parts, buy decals, or whatever -- without having to go to the Links Directory to find a link to them...

9. And, then, in my spare time, I've been thinking of taking up knitting or needle-point... JUST KIDDING!



Recommended Comments

Thank you for all that info. As much as we need to move forward to meet the demands of our "mobile users", many out there are like me and do not like to change what is familiar & easy to use for something new & unknown. But we go through that with each new OS or software. So all I can say is THANK YOU for the countless hours/days/months it has & is taking to move us to the level. All you, behind the scenes, working for the good of the site & club are much appreciated.

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Hi I ditto above and add more thanks to you. change can be difficult to implement, and difficult to accept,  from what I see we are a group of patient folks, buying and maintaining these ole tractors requires the ability to cope with change!  Some of us will be slower than others , but we will get there!   Thanks again keep up the great work and new services that we do not know we need, but we will understand in time.



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