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quick broadmoor update...



I've decided to go with a stack on this engine...It should be cool.  I've found a couple of sites that sell stacks, and I'm waiting to hear from them about integrated mufflers.  Otherwise, a company called Patriot Exhaust makes a slip-on style exhaust tip that will work as a "stack" for a garden tractor, and they also make a muffler that will slide in to help with noise mitigation.

I really want this one to work though...Its already got a 1" npt pipe thread on it, I would just need to screw it into an elbow.  Easy Peasy, however, the company has NOT responded to me yet about my questions.


I'm also going to custom design my air intake.  I was contemplating using a carb and filter from a 6 hp engine to run a 12 HP...I think it will be a tuning nightmare.  I got to looking at the carb set-up that came of the replacement engine, and there isn't any reason I can use that carb, and a round cartridge style filter from an old Briggs Flo-Jet style carb.  It will look more period correct as well!  I just have to design a flange and tub to adapt the two piece together.  No pics of that yet, but I can see it in my mine.  

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