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Wow, its been about a month and a half since I've put an update out!  That's too long to keep any readers...I'll have to do better.  I actually haven't really had any updates until recently though.  My tractor time has been limited, due to a honey doo list that became due.  Missus wanted new carpet...which meant a wider door way, tile bathroom floor, lots of drywall repairs, running new cable lines...and the list goes on.  Not quite sure how new carpet necessitated all that in her mind, but "happy wife, happy life, Right?

I got the 12 HP back together, finally, about a week ago.  Turned out really nice...Couple of things to finish up, like a sticker over the flywheel bolt, and I'm sure I'll need to tinker with the governor.  The service manual is VERY cryptic about how to do a static governor set-up for a vertical shaft engine. Notice the Nice, shiny OEM muffler...This is important in a minute.





Today, I started to figure out where I'll need to make adjustments to make this engine fit my little tractor.  I really want it to look factory, so I'll be making new parts where necessary, instead of cutting clearance.  Anyway, I knew the tank straps would need adjustment.  I didn't realize the Tank was too close to the shroud...It fit during mock up, but I had already removed the shroud, so its possible I didn't mock it up correctly.


I also found some unforeseen interference around my muffler. The PTO rod hits the bottom, and won't engage with the engine bolted down,  That isn't a huge deal, as I could bend a new one.  


The bigger issue is that the grill also hits the muffler.  OEM, the Broadmoor engine is equipped with a "hot dog" muffler.  Its similar to what is pictured below.


The round muffler in the OEM application provides clearance to the grill because of its small diameter.  However, its also LOUD...so I wanted the Lo-Tone like this engine was originally equipped.  


Not sure what direction to go...I guess I'll do some searching on Decibel levels from the different mufflers, and what might be available for a 1" NPT exhaust port.  Option two is extend the muffler away from the engine a bit.  That might be difficult to do, because of the mounting design of this particular muffler.  Option three is a stack...which might be cool on this tractor.  I would have a good way to brace it and stacks (esp with rain flappers) are kinda old school cool.  My goal was a quiet lawn mower though, and stacks can be loud.  Finally, my Uncle runs a fab shop...I might get the cardboard out, and make a new, wider grill template.  He'd bend me a new bracket and grill, no problem.  I'm sure there is someone out there who wants a perfect OEM grill! :)

Anyone wanna weigh in on the decision, Leave a comment!

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