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New Workbench

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So, a little bit different from working on my tractors, but this will definitely help in the process.  I built a new shop last winter, so that I had a place to do my projects.  In addition to playing around with Garden Tractors, I like to do some woodworking.  My garage just wasn't big enough, so I built a 30 x 24 shop in my backyard.  Its two story, and I would love for it to be double the size that it is, but my dumb township limits outbuilding size, based on lot size.  So, it is the maximum size it can be, both in square footage AND volume!

Anyway, moving from a 2 stall garage that is really only a single stall (20 x 20...SMH) to a dedicated shop space is exciting and daunting, at the same time.  Daunting because I need to think about EVERYTHING that I put in there.  My interests are so varied, I need different areas.  My wife refinishes furniture on the side and I have a woodworking bug.  Both of those areas require a finishing area to be clean and dust free.  But everyone knows that woodworking generates a ton of dust.  Oh, and I like messing around with mechanical things, fabrication, and machining.  The machining I currently do at work, but I fire up the torches, welders and grinders from time to time.  All of those things generate sparks and heat...both detrimental to the other two activities that happen in the shop!

That's a lot of information that most of everyone doesn't need to know.  My whole point is this.  I need to build a stupid workbench.  I've been using every flat surface I can find for a table, plus my cheap portable workbenches that I used in the garage.

 Here is my design.  It will be 1 x 4 oak, and will hold an old steelcase desktop that is 30" x 72."  This is workbench one.  I will build another for woodworking in the future, that will have a nice Ash top, probably on edge...Not sure which one will weigh more!

Update...I have WOOD!  Haha...My dad and I spent a couple hours today milling rough sawn lumber down for some projects.  I have my workbench (obviously) and he's working on a headboard and some bunkbeds for my niece and nephews.  I got all my wood planed, run through the joiner, and ripped to width.  Over the next couple days, I'll get everything cut to length.  I do have to order some forstner bits to help with my joint strategy (lag bolts) but those are only 2 days away with Amazon Prime!  Here is a pic of the wood we were working with

The Cut pieces are for my bench...the rest is for my Dad's projects.  

Interesting story about the lumber pictured...It started as a few trees.  Yeah, I know, it all does.  But these particular trees are ones that WE cut down, and had milled.  So, yeah, its not "free" but it sure beats t****out of anything you can buy at Menard's.  There are a couple of 1 inch thick by 11 inch wide boards there without a single knot in them.  12 feet long, and clear as Lake Superior.  Nice stuff...also NOT what I'm building my bench out of.  Mine will have some knots and imperfections.  The knots are tight, no cracks, and I left the dimensions at their full measurements.  In other words, my 1 x 4 lumber actually measures 1 x 4 instead of 3/4 x 3.5.  Pictures of the completed bench to follow!

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