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Pretty Colors



Today was all about paint.  Not a lot of words, but pretty picture intensive.  I spent A LOT of time cleaning...those engine blocks have many places for gunk to hide.  Its pretty tough to get clean too, as it gets baked on by the heat of the engine while running.  Hot water is your friend at this point.  Lacquer Thinner is also great...plus numerous brushes, rags, and abrasive pads.  Something that REALLY helped was a spray bottle full of hot water.  I was able to blast the dirt out of the deeper holes that I could not reach with a brush.  I think next time, I'll make a soap solution with hot water for the spray bottle, and rinse from the bucket.  

Anyway, everything now has a nice coat of paint on it.  I'm going to bring the head to work with me next week, and beadblast it.  I heard that keeping the head unpainted will help it run about 20 degrees cooler!  Anyway, here we go...

Masked off, and ready for paint.

Masked and Ready for paint 2

Painted Block!

Engine shrouds and various covers...
 The "tools" of the day.  Zinc Chromate Primer, purchased at Napa Paint Retailer, and Duplicolor engine paint.  The Orange-Red is very close to Simplicity Orange. It applied pretty well, without too much blotchiness.  I was really impressed with the black color.  It was awesome.  The block turned out really well.  Not sure how it looks in pictures, but its a nice even tone and gloss in person.

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