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Whats Been Going On?

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                Hello SimpleTractors community, I'm Elliott and like everyone here, I'm into these old Simplicity's. So, what's been going on lately with my tractors. A not so recent acquisition is a 2000 Sovereign 18 with power steering from a fellow club member on here. After solving a few issues its running good and driving good. As for projects, I've got a System 7010 that's awaiting a restoration. It needs a full paint job as its painted camo right now. Its also missing the rear end and BGB so, if anyone has one they'd let go cheap, I might be interested.

              The next project on my list is rebuilding the transmission in my Squire 9. It needs a new axle tube and while I'm in there, might as well do all new seals and anything else that needs replaced. The Squire has been quite a project with everything I've has to do with it. I gave Zippo Varga the 23D that was in it and he diagnosed why it was smoking so much... Someone had attempted to rebuilt the motor and put a lot of new internals on it. He said that someone put a .10 under piston in it which ruined the bore on what could have been a good engine before they attempted to mess with it. But, its all good with the motor since who wouldn't want to swap in a 16HP. So that's what it currently sports and gets it up to a whopping 11 -12MPH with its 2-1/2" transmission pulley.

              Speaking of the internals of motors and such, my 7016H started leaking oil so I pulled to motor to diagnose the leak. While taking the shrouds off, I discovered that I accidentally put in the wrong head bolt in the wrong spot and it had crushed one of the cooling fins. So, I needed to find the short head bolt which must have been screwed in some place else. So, I ended up and just removed the entire head. The carbon deposits were pretty bad so,  I knew I need to set the carburetor to a more lean setting. While in the process of cleaning out the carbon, I happened to notice that there was a number stamped into the piston. Well, turns out this motor is bored out .010! The cylinder looks great and has loads of compression. This was a much appreciated surprise!

             As for what I've been doing with the machines lately.... LEAF CLEAN UP! The leaves are pouring down faster than the tractors can suck them up. The 7117 has the wide body cart and turbo vac installed and then finish mowed with the Broadmoor 14. Busy Busy Busy!! Well, That's all for my first blog post! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Thanks for reading and have a good day! 



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