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Worked after work so I can work



Well, nothing went right yesterday, Monday April 17. Our day was crazy at the office, phone calls from the wild side, etc. I checked but I already knew the full moon occurred last week, not this week! Over the years I've seen the pattern and I am a believer that a full moon brings out the wild side. When I got home the day didn't get any better. I enjoy mowing with a 42" deck fdt; especially the longer frame models, so last week I readied the B210 for mowing duties with my rough deck so I can justify mowing w/out picking up sticks, clearing roots, whatever. Linda and I ate a quick Easter leftovers dinner and I was off to mow I thought. About 100' into the mow the B210 died as if I had picked up a root or something in the deck. Drove back to just outside my basement shop and found the mid pto seized; that's right it was seized!  Never heard of that. So, I unhooked the deck (in the grass), pulled it from under the tractor, positioned the Bumblebee 10, and slid, tugged, lifted, cussed, got blocks and pry bar, and after a lot of sweat and rolling around remounted it. It musta taken an hour. Of course, I in the grass nothing seemed to align correctly. Finally after I got the pins secured I tried every belt I had on the rack but I have 2 for longer fdt frame to 42" deck drive belts and 1 that must have worked on some short frame (B10) sometime but it had to have shrunk or something. Well, its dark-thirty and I'll have to run get a deck drive belt today so that I can again start to mow tonight. So, I conclude that after work last night I worked so that I can work tonight. Its like I spun my wheels but didn't get anywhere. Oh yes, I haven't removed the blade and chains from the Conquest yet which is my go-to mower tractor. The fdt are for fun. Ugh  


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For me, such things only happen on days that end in Y. Try to avoid doing such things on those days and you will have no problems! 

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I thought I was the only one that always has every belt size possible EXCEPT the one I need (in a hurry) wah

So what caused the "seize"? Binding, old/no grease, over heated/worked???   I'm just curious for my own benefit....

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Greg, It appears that old grease and heat caused the needle bearings to malfunction. Fortunately I had a spare on the shelf for the B-210 which has a larger shaft than the round hood AC fdt. Had to change out the double pulley since my 42" decks are all single v-belt types. 

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With all the rain, areas of poor drainage (my front lawn and the rea next to the road did not provide much traction when I had to pull aside to allow a car to pass onmy drive.. so the standard turf ties wound up with the tread loaded with mud. When I tried to bring my small utility trailer close to the splitter, all I did was tear up sod. just about then it was time for the rain to begin again. I have a large amount to bring down from my neighbor, but I don't want to tear up his lawn. Maybe next week.


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