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Gene's Shop

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You must have patience with a variable speed

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I'm generally a patient guy, especially when it comes to spending cash. Wasn't always that way but age, raising 2 daughters, and a divorce have contributed to that characteristic. Couple of things I discuss in this entry hinge on my patience. First, I've been looking for a decent 12hp briggs powered fdt since selling my last one, a 3112H, to member ronhruska about 2 yrs ago. On March 1 I decided to contact Jared Olsen aka SimplicitySwede regarding a 3012V package deal he was wanting to sell. We continued communicating and came to agreement April 7 so I made the trip the next day. The pkg included an armstrong lift sickle bar mower that needs work, new pr mounted 23x8.50-15 Carlisle Tru Powers, new pr mounted 4.00-8 Deestone tri-ribs, 2-moldboard plows (1-orig AC & repainted Simplicity), pull behind cultivator, & center mounted scratcher along w/misc parts.  



The 3012 as she arrived. 




And now, a little cleaner & a doner seat from an AC. Side panel off to inspect the steering for excessive play. The upright pipe is going to come off soon too. 



Swede has moved on to collecting and refurbishing Farmall tractors now so his Sovereign has set in the barn for awhile. She started quickly and ran nice as well but after a 3.5 hr trip home the sediment in the gas tank all came loose and I've battled that until today replacing fuel filters and draining out gunk. Today I think I drained the last of the gunk for awhile. As with most used nearly 50 yr old tractors there are issues that need attention so I've prioritized and will get to them as I can. However, in the meantime this old girl is going to have to earn her keep. As many of you know the variable speed units are contrary. This one was way out of adjustment so I tackled that first.

I busted out one of my Large Frame Repair Manuals and copied off the step-by-step instructions for adjustment. Been through them exactly as printed twice now and it's close but I cannot get the clutch/brake just where I want it yet. I've done this several times over the years and each tractor is a little unique, has its own quirks. If anyone has a good idea I'll try it. Until then I'll go through the adjustments and measurements again to make sure I'm not missing something. I think it is the part where you're supposed to adjust so the drive belt has just a little travel when the clutch/brake is depressed and then back off the brake adjustment nut a little...



And 2nd: I'm going to start a series of entries soon on a shop build behind our house.  Linda has given her approval to my build, motivated I think because our basement is overflowing w/my ST collection or hoard and she's ready to get it back into her possession. See the climbing wall? Haven't been able to get to it for 5 yrs w/o moving a lot of stuff.



Had a tree cut that was too close to the house for me to tackle. You can see the tree behind those beautiful dogwood trees, and to the left of the garage. Linda loves those 2 dogwoods and that subject will also be discussed later in the shop build.



I started on clearing the limbs and small stuff this weekend. I hate stumbling over those things when I am operating my vintage Stihl 1989 024AV.



This afternoon I pulled out the last load of limbs, taking them over the hill out of sight. You can see the cut where the proposed building will be erected. We cleared the area and made the cut last fall and I bid out the concrete work earlier this year. I'm in no particular hurry as my calendar is crammed full till end of June. So I'm shooting for a fall build. We shall see... 



Limbs cleared and ready to cut up the log for firewood to heat the shop. 


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Hot dog!  I think the result will be worth your effort and patience.  Nice machines, and looking forward to the project continuing.

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8 hours ago, Chris727 said:

That is a good looking 3012. Will be following your shop progress.

Thanks Chris. That's what attracted me to this machine. Sheet metal straight, original paint, and mechanically sound

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Gene you've got a good tractor in that one. Even has the hydro lift. As for the variable speed adjustment, I've been through mine several times and I can only get it "close". Good luck.

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Only can get my B112 "close" as well. Spent lots of time on it after I got it. 50+ years of wear doesn't make adjustments easy.

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Even "close" as mine is, the variable is handy near obstacles so you don't have to slow engine down. Is not exact, but I imagine if it did not have a lot of the wear that these old units do, it was a step in the right direction before hydro's were produced in larger numbers.

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