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Gene's Shop

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Shop Build



Well. I am finally beginning that garage build I've discussed and planned for some time. Linda really wants my shop, tractor, equipment, & parts collection out of the basement. So, with her blessing, I began the process October 2016. I have been intentionally slow to allow myself analysis time to decide what exactly I want and, to allow some adjustment in Linda's expectations (looks, colors, landscape, etc).



October 10, 2016 my friend and contractor Mike Schneiders brought his track loader in to clear and level our an area for a garage behind our house.


image.thumb.jpeg.e753e23685023ad0e12af3695ab58bed.jpegTopography here is rough w/steep grades so it was critical to excavate in the location chosen to get the area I wanted (initially 30x30). When finished Mke announced "it looks like you'll be building a 24x40 unless you want a deeper cut. 24x40 it will be. Above is the finished cut viewed from our deck. A neighbor & I groomed, sedrd & mulched quickly to get a grass stand to hold the soil.



Nosey neighbors.



This shot is of a diversion ditch I cleaned out that runs along the hill just above the the garage site. Lots of rain water runs off the hill especially in springtime and it'll be helpful to divert from the garage area. 



A tree beside our house was removed to make room for a drive. 



A shot from the site towards our deck and screened-in porch from where I'll take several pictures. Removing part of the tree w/my newly acquired Sovereign 3012 Hydrolift and Agri-Fab Utility 10 Carry-all.  



September 13, 2017 my concrete contractor, Greg Rackers and his crew (Grey Stone Foundations) dig and pour footings.




Cole County Industries, Jefferson City supplied the concrete. These drivers can back a huge concrete truck up, around, down and into some tight places. Kudos to their driving and backing skills!



Greg Rackers, Grey Stone Foundations and his crew hard at work. 



The footing pour complete.



On Sunday September 17, 2017 we received the nicest all day .07” rain you could ask for. On Monday, September 18 a 2” downpour came in 40 minutes. Needless to say I’ve been digging off the footings. Will finish shoveling today (Sept 23) then brush and blow dirt off concrete. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again before walls & floor are poured. 



I scooped, broomed, and blew off the footing to get as clean as I possible and ready for the concrete retaining walls. It was two hot and humid Indian Summer days in Missouri and I sweat a ton but it was worth it in the long run. Ready for the concrete crew. 




Tuesday, September 26, 2017. Our concrete construction crew Grey Stone Foundations arrived and began the process of setting forms.




The 4 man crew worked non-stop through the morning and, just as the last of the forming was complete and inspected by the foreman, concrete trucks arrived (early afternoon). 




Forms removed Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Picture taken facing westward from our deck. In the foreground is the retaining wall for the floor that will be under the 8' overhang on the east side of the shop. In the background is the 4' retaining west sidewall of the shop and front wing wall. 




Standing on the west side of our house and facing northward,  the wing wall and west sidewall of the shop. You can also see the 3'x 4' concrete front corner of the shop (southwest)  and 3'x4' concrete rear corner (northwest).   And of course, to the right is the retaining wall for the east side "porch".



Friday, September 29, 2017: while I was in Bloomington IN at the Executive Committee meeting with Kent Thomas (Kent), Josh Thornton (Talntedmrgreen), and Carl Harcourt (CarlH), my carpenter Dale Feeler coated the sealed the retaining wall. Pictured looking southward from the rear of the building toward the back (north) and side (west) of our house.



Cooper, our English Cream Golden Retriever surveying the work. 



From the back northeast side of the shop building site. The topography of our property is shown better here and we are lucky as most Jefferson City construction jobs encounter bedrock. As you can see we are blessed with soil, heavy clay soil that dries hard as a bulls horn! Dale delivered drainage tile that will be laid on top of the footing and next to the outside of the west sidewall, then covered with aggregate. 



So on Saturday, September 30, 2017: I decided to have a little fun and to get an idea of how much floor space these guys will take. I needed to remove the sickle from the Early B-10 anyway and pallet it for shipment, knock down and smooth some of the dirt around the construction, and mow some grass so this was justifiable... A neighbor showed up during the operation and asked if I wanted to borrow a tarp.



Forecast of rain this brought the Raithel Plumbing in ahead of schedule on Monday, October 2, 2017. Tractor is a 29hp New Holland w/loader and backhoe; amazing what this small machine can accomplish. 






Jerry Raithel used a tool I'd not seen before: an small electric device that takes the place of a transit. He could readily find the elevation off the floor at any given time by punch of a button. I should've gotten a picture of the $700 piece of technology. 



Dale also came to insulate and coat again the outside west concrete wall and install the drainage pipe on the foundation of the west wall. Plumbers used the New Holland loader tractor to cover with aggregate before Dale covered with filtration fabric.  

The rains came on Tuesday evening and have not stopped as of Saturday October 7 collecting 4.05" so far.  

I guess now is a good time to share my plans as they’ve evolved: 


Shop will have a bathroom w/stool and utility sink located next to the stairway to the attic. Wood stove on north wall, 14’ garage door & 2 walk-ins. 



Have decided on scissor trusses in front 1/2 to allow more vertical workroom area. 20’ of upstairs storage should be enough and, I’ve found a person fills up whatever storage they have so I decided to limit that for me (and Linda). 



A rough idea of the front (south facing) view. Overhead door will be significantly larger than it appears. 



October 14, 2017: we've made no progress w/exception of me scooping dirt from the footings that washed in w/the rains. It's been dry this week and warm for October, but not warm enough dry the dirt to get cement trucks into the job site. Today, a cold front is scheduled in that may bring more rain. 






October 27, 2017: today is windy, overcast skies temp in the low 40s. Dirt is working nicely for Mike Schneiders. He backfilled w/dirt from excavation and gravel hauled in by his brother Ron. My contractor is on huricane mission work duty in Houston, Texas this week and he will be pleased we've progressed.


October 28, 2017: I finished replacing the starter/generator and hydrolift belts and throttle cable on the 3012. The original pull/twist throttle had been replaced by a simple lever off a lawn mower at some point and earlier this week while bringing in wood the cable broke. I found a throttle lever and cable from a AC 712 on the parts shelf. I like these and have converted several flat hoods, however the 712 cable was too short so I opted for a cheap choke cable from O'Reilley for now.  I also replaced the badly worn starter/gen belt and found the O'Reilly cross over to be too short and $2 higher than the correct (2)157524(sm) from the Simplicity dealer.  Hitched the Brinly disc I got from Howard Tews (aka HTews) several yrs ago, worked the soil around the building site, and sewed wheat for a cover. 




Tuesday, November 21, 2017: concrete floor pour. 



Thursday, November 30: Lumber delivered for framing. 



Monday, December 4, 2017  While I attended the Missouri Farm Bureau Annual Conference with Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Chris Chinn, look what was happening at home. Linda text these two pictures of the crew framing. You'll probably pick up some revisions made.  6' framed stud wall on top of the 4'concrete (west) wall. 



10' east & north stud walls going up.  (Construction crew: Dale, Jeff & Nathan)



When I came home from work last night, December 5, 2017 the cement porch had been poured and finished and all walls up. The temperature was to drop to low 30s and the blankets were laying there, so I texted Greg to see if he cared if I covered. I guess the crew was supposed to do that but instead, Linda and I did that at about 7:30p. 



The structure looks big right now. Guess it's the 10' walls that make it appear that way.





Trusses arrived a day early on December 20. 



And were set on December 21 rather than after Christmas as earlier scheduled. Trusses weighed 300#+ so a boom truck was brought in to do the heavy lifting. 





Starting to take shape and I am beginning to get a visual of what it will be. The next 2 pics are from the shop door on the southeast side looking to the northwest corner. 





From the walk-in door looking west. 



Trusses w/tiptops on and a view of the porch.



Progress is slow. Missouri winter weather has caused some delays. Fully boxed in and 1/2 the roof has decking.  



Crew worked to get the roof decking on 1 side and covered w/Titanium before a winter storm is supposed to come through. Prediction of freezing rain and zero temps. Titanium overlay is touted to shed rain for up to 6 months and not curl like felt.


4' steps will allow a wide load to navigate the stairway for those big storage needs. 







A look at the upper room.  Picture taken from the steps southward toward our house.




Roof sheeted & covered, windows ordered, ready for foam insulation & outside wrap. 




March 2 photo below.  Windows & walk-in door in about 2 weeks ago. 



March 6: electricians began wiring and finished bldg work on March 7, 2018. Dale dug in the water line and electric from the house. And, I contracted to have the roof and 3 sides metal installed late March. 



Sometimes communication just doesn't come easy. When I instructed the contractors that I wanted conduit imbedded in cement to bring electricity into the building they heard it. However the conduit was placed on the outside wall and beside the walk-in door. So now I have a box on the outside and this on the inside to get electrical service to my breaker box. All will be hidden inside however a little extra expense.



Although not far from the house I wanted a simple bathroom out here w/a urinal and a utility sink. Linda put the kibosh on a urinal so a stool sits here. 



And the utility sink here. Next challenge, no room to swing a door into the bathroom w/o hitting the sink. Solution: we will be modern and have a sliding bathroom door in this shop!



2 electrical outlets on the porch and a frost-free hydrant.



4 canned neon lights out here and a white metal ceiling. The stump is for the anvil (I'll cut it to correct height).



Recommended Comments

A lot different than what I saw in July.  You did follow my advice (partially, at least).  24 x 40 is larger than 30 x 30.  Still won't be big enough though.  :D

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Hello, That was a month ago ,is it done yet??  I was recently talking with a neighbor who was pricing material  and found the price quoted him had been raised ,because of the great demand for building materials in texas & florida , due to hurricanes  Keep up the good work..


Thanks Ken in Mi

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Carl - adding an 8' porch to it and an attic. I know, still won't be big enough.

Ken - I messed up, should be Sept 13 so will edit that now. My luck, higher prices..

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Oh yeah, timing.  I built my last building the year of Katrina, added a bit to the budget. Would still no doubt be much higher today. Looking forward to the progress.

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Gene, it is fun to watch you document your garage/shop build in your blog.  I wish more folks would create blogs to document builds, restorations, etc.  Way to "lead by example!"

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Looks like you will still have breathing room! Nice looking concrete work, looks like money well spent. 

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Hello, Very impressive!!  And a toilet TOO! , How civilized. LOL.     I am Jealous 

Thanks Ken in Mi


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Plans look great, should be a nice setup! Have you consulted the insurance company about the wood stove? Some won't cover them. 

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1 hour ago, B-16_IC said:

Plans look great, should be a nice setup! Have you consulted the insurance company about the wood stove? Some won't cover them. 

Thanks Rich. I haven’t talked to the insurance company; probably should do that bf installation. Was also thinking of installing a split heat/air unit but not definite. Will need some sort of backup for cold nights & when away. If I foam it won’t need much heat. 

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I've heard great things about the foam, more expensive but is a better job. I know my insurance allows wood heat if installed by a set of rules they have. 

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Good to see the concrete being  completed . Then the framing  and roof before christmas????


Greta progress


Thanks Ken in Mi

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On November 23, 2017 at 7:27 AM, maxwood said:

Good to see the concrete being  completed . Then the framing  and roof before christmas????


Greta progress


Thanks Ken in Mi

I doubt bf Christmas it'll be framed but we can hope.

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Framing before Christmas! dOd The crew won't be working in short sleeves today I bet, big weather changes. sm02  

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19 hours ago, maxwood said:

Hello, It is moving along nicely,  time for trusses and roofing , Shingles or metal ?


Thanks Ken in MI

Metal Ken

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Hello, Thats looking good !!! It is great to have that big,tall, open space  and a loft also . You will definitely enjoy all that space 




Thanks Ken in MI



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Hi Gene just found your post looking good, I see your inspector (dog) is approving of construction LOL

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Hello, I like the progress, looking good . This time of year any thing takes longer. In michigan here their are lots of distractions for the workers, sking ,hunting  ,snowmobiling, etc. 

Thanks Ken in Mi

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Hello, Just wondering If it's done yet? The suspense is driving me crazy!!



Thanks Ken in Mi

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Not yet Ken. The windows (- upper) and walk in door are on. The electric contractor was to have been here last week ...Bathroom is plumbed. Pretty sure I am going with regular metal roof and 3 sides so will call contractor this week. Foam insulation is supposed to come after electric in. I am ready too.

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