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AGCO 2025 + Loader & more



imageproxy.php?img=&key=3d214da05fced21aimageproxy.php?img=&key=3d214da05fced21aMy ST and farming friends all convinced me a loader would make lifting a lot easier so I've been on the hunt for one that fit my pocketbook for nearly a year. Passed up a few that I probably shouldn't have, looked at newer small compact utility tractors but a little too pricy. I found a CL ad listing a loader with this piture


From discussions here I thought it probably was a Kwikway for an early Legacy so I answered the ad via email with my contact info and waited. No response for over a week but after a second attempt I received an email back asking me to talk to the owner's son. I did, made an offer (mid September) and sent a check telling the owner I would let it clear and contact them to pick up in about a month. Mid October I made the 4.5hr trip and brought home my Kwikway made loader with subframe, weight box, and rear wheel weights


Looks a lot nicer on the trailer after I wiped off the dust. I didn't know it at the time but Lloyd pointed out the long subframe I brought home is not for the loader but is for a front blade or snowblower. 


And then the bonus I saw on the parts tractor parked in the shed. 3pt hitch



blade subframe, 3pt frame and wheel weights rode home in the bucket


Loader setting on stands in my drive. Hoping it works as good as it looks. 



I didn't get these hangers; didn't think about it as I was making sure I got all the big stuff loaded. Have contacted the loader previous owner and waiting. Otherwise I have pictures and info from @720nut.



A CL ad for an AGCO 2025 popped up south of Kansas City.  @Talntedmrgreen told me to be patient and I would find what I wanted. Well, hopefully I have. With low price comes some mechanical work I know but I think I can still get in under budget. The 60" deck is solid but needs electric cutting height motor, new rollers, and some new hardware. I negotiated what I thought a fair price for the tractor so the deck isn't part of the plan.  



Will start giving the tractor a bath and replace a few things including this finless fan. Harder than it appeared to replace but a relative inexpensive $11 part. With a pair of thin jay slip joint pliers and 1 1/8" wrench it came right off. Below the finless and the new replacement and then the new fan mounted on the front pto.



The heim and hub/arm steering assembly were worn badly, had been fixed-at but not fixed at all



Old and new replacement parts 


Talk about a bugger to get off. I tried pulling, heating and pulling, heating and squirting with PB Blaster but it wouldn't budge. So I soaked PB and let it set overnight. I love it when a plan works


New parts installed. Generic 3/4" RH thread heim $16 and hub/arm steering assembly $94. High priced pieces that Josh tells me is a wear point on the older Legacy. 



Fenders were crinkled from some prior modification and probable oops. A little hillbilly body work and it has more eye appeal.




Side bar: October 31, 2019  I don't ever remember snow on or before halloween (my birthday) either in Northeast Missouri where I grew up or in Mid Missouri where I've lived for the past 26 years. The deck this morning: 1st picture at 6a then a picture at 8a CST


November 23, 2019  Started working on the hangers. Lloyd PM'd a rough drawing and description of the hangers he built for a similar subframe. I used cardboard as a model then respaced the holes equidistant from the ends. Pictured is a cardboard mock of a rear hanger. 


Front hangers made from 3/8" flat iron 3" wide. 


Front hangers in place.


November 27, 2019  Lifted loader subframe into position and pinned to front hangers. Used this to make mock up of rear hangers. 



Picture from under right side at rear of loader subframe hanging in approximate alignment. 



High tech machining taking place in the Wiseman shop...



Picture from left side under the tractor after bolting up the rear hangers and pinning up the subframe front and back. .


December 1, 2019  My neighbor Mark has been a lot of help on the shop and in the shop. He came down this Sunday after noon to look at speakers in our house when I asked if he minded helping me drop the loader onto the tractor subframe. It wasn't as easy as that but after a little tractor movement and prybar use we pinned the uprights in place. I was resolved to hook up the hydraulic pump outside but Mark convinced me that we could skid the bucket on boards into the shop for a warmer work environment. Glad he persisted. Below are shots after we got everything hooked up and I had taken it to the gravel pile for a test run with no weight on the rear.  Backed into the shop for further adjustments and rear weight box attachment. 



Seems the hose is too long running to the pump but zip ties are doing the job for now. Also, the pipe nipples are a little long off the pump so I may change those later. 




Saturday December 21, 2019 temps were in lower 50s so I opened the shop door and welded couple hooks onto the loader bucket to increase the versatility. 


Need a new boot for the joystick and couple of zerks - and found that zerks cannot be found (the proper terminology when searching TSC is grease fitting). Since the tractor spends its downtime inside the boot is not a priority. The zerks (later pics) are on the end of the tilt rams at the bucket.  




welded couple of Chinese hooks on the bucket w/my little Hobart 125EZ mig. 



and used some black metallic paint I had leftover from a project to make 'em look pretty



3.30.2020  Received a load of clean fill from a neighbor contractor late last week. Ground finally dried up enough to load and transport. Man I have to shim the valve up a little though.



Then took receipt of a 4cy double ground mulch. Used the loader to fill the dump cart pulled by the Hydro-18. 3 days use saving back - - I'm liking it. 

Several modifications since 2020: Ag style rear tires, farm implement front tires, hydraulic filter for Kwikway loader, pto sourced. IMG_0862.thumb.jpeg.05330916a829fb25848fd3ffe132bc58.jpegIMG_0927.jpg.ab27776b8ba4afda3319f91ece1dc5d1.jpgIMG_0857.jpg.a34d20ee33fe86bf5fac8a5f746b7383.jpgIMG_0858.jpg.ecab15199c39d540a6085237fc6a6149.jpg


legacy pto clutch_shaft.jpg

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Hello, Looks like a worthy project.    What will you mount it on?

Thanks Ken in Mi

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On 10/11/2019 at 8:10 AM, maxwood said:

Hello, Looks like a worthy project.    What will you mount it on?

Thanks Ken in Mi

Was looking at a Massey 2920 w/liquid Kawasaki nearby that needed lots of love when I found the AGCO 2025. If I get the hangers for the subframe I should have it mounted soon. 

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Nice setup so far Gene!  My AGOC 2025 was one of my favorite tractors ever.

Let me know what, if any, tractor parts you need.  I have a 25 horse Legacy here I am going to pull apart.  The body is BADLY rusted from sale spreading, mostly toward the rear.  

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18 hours ago, Talntedmrgreen said:

Nice setup so far Gene!  My AGOC 2025 was one of my favorite tractors ever.

Let me know what, if any, tractor parts you need.  I have a 25 horse Legacy here I am going to pull apart.  The body is BADLY rusted from sale spreading, mostly toward the rear.  

I just ordered a steering hub assembly ($$) and a heim joint (not Simplicity) to replace the welded and badly worn ones. Will keep you in mind Josh cause I suspect I'll find a few more things as I go along. 

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7 hours ago, gwiseman said:

I just ordered a steering hub assembly ($$) and a heim joint (not Simplicity) to replace the welded and badly worn ones. Will keep you in mind Josh cause I suspect I'll find a few more things as I go along. 

Ouch.  Yeah, on those wear parts you're best off with new.  I think folks failed to lube these pretty regularly, and the design is prone to wear anyhow.  It is a vast improvement over the sunstar design though.  The XL design is even more improved...probably as good as it gets on a small tractor, with an opposed piston setup behind the axle, distributing the cylinder force equally between each hub.  

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On 10/16/2019 at 2:27 PM, Talntedmrgreen said:

  I think folks failed to lube these pretty regularly, and the design is prone to wear anyhow.

Thats what I found with the Legacy I got at an auction with a dead engine for  a couple hundred bucks. All the grease points on the front end were dry and rusty. The parts Gene replaced above were the easy ones with this one. Had the axle center pivots and spindle holes all bored out and oversize bushings installed. Thats how much wear there was in the casting.

Got another Legacy here I uise all the time. Front end has apparently been well greased since new as it only has a minor amount of play at the bushings, and shows about the same amount of hours as the other one(1200-1400).

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Gene glad everything is coming together for you , ya need anymore help just call


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