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  2. Test topic

    I would have thought you could approve with your admin status. I'll go approve it now.
  3. Test topic

    So who can 'approve' a new Chapter? I've been trying to establish one since this morning, and it says I'm waiting for Moderator Approval. Shouldn't I be able to take care of that myself? I cannot add members until the Chapter is approved, and would like to pilot one to document a subset of implements.
  4. Test topic

    Try going to the very bottom of the page and changing your theme to Roboto (default) instead of just Default. I think that will make it look like mine. It looks like you are using the IPS Default blue theme somehow. I have that Roboto (default) set as the default theme for the site, but somehow yours must've gotten changed. We have the capability (though perhaps not the skill ) to create a totally separate Registry for whatever, and control access by User Group but unfortunately not by IPS Club members -- so we couldn't restrict access to a local club, chapter or special interest group.. That capability is being discussed for that next major release, but no promises... Since you guys seem to like this Club feature, I'm going to see if I can enlist help in getting its name changed to Chapters in the software to help avoid confusion. I think that can be done with the tools that are used to translate IPS from one language to another (it is used worldwide).
  5. Test topic

    Kent, since yesterday, my PC view has changed. It is still not like yours, where Clubs appears on the top right, but it does now show under 'More' on the top right. Yesterday, it did not. Looks better now for some reason. I agree with the thought of clubs being geographic and social in nature, and I'm of the mindset that they would only be created by the EC. I don't think we want to run the risk of too many small or insignificant clubs, now chance that they would be redundant. However, I had one idea that kinda combines a few concepts we have here. I like our Club feature because it includes a map. I REALLY like that. I would like to create one as a registry for the Henry Manufacturing Attachments, with the thought being that these owners are often battling modifications, missing components, installation or repair battles, plus it's just fun to track how many exist and where. If we were to create a section within our existing tractor registry, I think the registrants would get buried in the mix. Plus, I believe we can promote that registry feature on it's own, purely for tractors. The owners of the highly desirable attachments seemingly form a 'club' of their own anyhow. Anyone think it would be unreasonable for a Club be formed for this purpose, to promote a place to register your loader or forklift and track serial numbers, location etc? It would be a social spot for folks to come and inquire about parts, how to 'correct' their unit, inquiries on potential units for sale etc. Maintaining the only Henry Mfg registry here could be a nice selling point.
  6. Test topic

    Meanwhile, Josh, I just saw and approved the new club that you created. It should now appear on the list, and you can start experimenting for yourself. As you can see, we do have control to prevent "competing clubs" being created -- the concern that Dan (rokon) voiced above.
  7. Note that this Clubs feature is new and ever evolving. I am sure that the features/functions of this will continue to evolve in future releases. Meanwhile, the aftermarket is already starting to offer enhancements and "power tools" that we could implement, should we choose to implement Clubs (i.e. chapters) at all. Here's one package developed by the guy who initially developed the Classifieds app that we're running. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8604-clubs-enhancements/ Here is another package developed by the guy who is now maintaining and updatingthe Classifieds app (it is not unusual for one person to put in the initial work to develop something then either get overwhelmed with reactions/feedback/requests or simply lose interest, and then hand it off to someone else who will then maintain and support it). Both developers are quite active and respected in the IPS community. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8596-hq42-improved-clubs/ So, should we choose to implement chapters, we are not limited to JUST WHAT YOU SEE NOW. I can't saw exactly what it planned, only that it is a dynamic area that is growing pretty quitckly.
  8. Test topic

    On a PC Clubs should show as a separate menu button to the top level menu bar, far right. This should show a list (a grid layout is default, I think) of available clubs. Note that it shows the avatars of the members. Once you click on that club to select it, the first thing you'll see is an Activity Stream that shows the activity of people joining and posting, etc., just like the main activity stream for the site. If you click on the topics tab on the club's menu, it shows the list of topics in the club's forum. Note that there is ONLY ONE forum for the club -- it cannot be broken up or separated. This shows the functions that are unique to the club (aka chapter), such as a member map of only those members. I think that should we choose to implement, that I can get someone to help me change that button and all software reference from Clubs to Chapters by putzing with the tools used to translate the interface from one language to another. After thinking on this for a minute, I would recommend that we NOT use this for special interest groups like 300/400 series. If we want to "segregate" and provide dedicated attention to a subgroup of tractors, I suggest we create a separate main forum for them and get someone to help us move any topics out of Talking Tractors to that new forum. This keeps all that model unique content as a part of the main site and subject to all the normal access permissions, searches, feeds, etc. I think we should use this new function only for subsets of geographic membership, and keep the interactions here more on the social type and certainly not technical questions about tractors, equipment, etc. Note that ALL we're saying here in this Test Club is publicly visible right now. There will likely be point where we want to take this back to the Officer's Forum to discuss it. But, that does bring up the point that if needed/desired, we could create a private club for a committee to use, such as the TOM committee was doing in a separate forum. Then that club would not show on the list of clubs (unless you were a member of the committee) and it would provide the committee the tools of file uploads/downloads, etc that are specific to them and out of sight of everything else.
  9. Test topic

    Clubs does show on my phone, under the user menu in the top right.
  10. Test topic

    Couple quick things...maybe it's me getting familiar, or maybe it's functionality of the feature. I found my way here through an invite on my iphone, and the 'view' within the club shows who joins and when, similar to a chat...which I really like. I decided to try and create a club (michigan chapter) on my phone, and all was going well. I decided to stop and try it on my PC so I could more easily create a club Icon. I can't find clubs on my PC at all. It's not found under 'Home' and I don't see it in any dropdowns, forums, or in the 'create' area. I used the search feature for 'clubs' and found the area that way, and am using the feature now. However, there seems to be different visibility between the two. I also don't see the 'XXX joined this club at XX:XX' when viewing on my PC. Bummer. Anyone have similar experiences?
  11. Test topic

    I can see this working very well for groups like the guys near Butler, WI that Bob has brought together, the Ohio group and others. Chatter about what fellows have to sell or trade, plow days, etc. Maybe Chris & I could get some of the fellow collectors in MO & IL to join up??? I like the idea.
  12. Test topic

    We can control who can create clubs. There must be a Club Leader, and he/she can then control membership, approving or disapproving requests to join. OR, we can set the membership to be by invitation only. As you can see each club can have it's own forum, file downloads, calendar, etc. This function could.be used for regional chapters or special interest groups, like 300/400 series, Homelites, etc
  13. Test topic

    I'm guessing this section could be used for regional chapters. Can just anyone form a club, or is it reserved for certain members / moderators / officers? Without a little control I can see dozens of "clubs" (cliches) with only a couple members. Once we decide what to do / get started with "regional chapters", is there going to be some sort of control over where and how large? I can honestly see 2 guys who don't like each other trying to start 2 different regional chapters only a few miles apart. LOL I have not seen much discussion since the officers meeting, (sorry I missed that), so I just figured I'd throw a few thoughts out there.
  14. Test topic

    I invited you guys in so that you can get a sense of what this.New Club feature does, so we can discuss what we want to try doing with it. Note this.one is public, and people can join up, but the can be private (only visible to members), and by invitation only.
  15. Test topic

    No idea what I'm getting into, but for that coffee cup I'll join anything
  16. Test topic

    Test, test, test