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    • Valiant Farmer
      Valiant Farmer's Allis-Chalmers Other
      By: Valiant Farmer · 04/04/2020
      Hi, This is a Allis Chalmers EB    Here is a little bit of info. After the second world war Allis Chalmers operated factories in the United Kingdom at Totton (to 1949) in Totton Hampshire and Essendine in Rutland. Formerly the Minneapolis-Moline factory. Model EB (1950-1955) British built model B with a straight front axle. EB serial numbers from Essendine works began at EB-4001. Some 2000 were assembled at the Totton, Southampton facility between 1947/9 from imported CKD kits but using US serial numbers locally stamped with an additional E prefix. Theoretically there may be duplication of serial numbers with later English production tractors.   English-built models have an 'EB' serial number   Thank you for the link!   Thanks! Samuel
    • MrSteele
      Valiant Farmer's Allis-Chalmers Other
      By: MrSteele · 04/02/2020
      IS that a B or C Allis? A friend of mine down the road from my house has a couple of both. He is a full time farmer and only uses Allis equipment, and collects old tractors. I have one of his magnetos on my bench right now, rebuilding it for him, or, waiting on parts to rebuild it. I don't know if you have seen this, but https://www.allischalmers.com/serials.html
    • Charles Ruge
      Charles Ruge's Allis-Chalmers B-110
      By: Charles Ruge · 12/04/2018
      Use tire chains and risk putting too much stress on the axle sleeve.  Now Zippo Varga recommends that I replace the transmission with "a good used one."  Anybody know where I can get a transmission that will fit this 196? B-110?
    • PGL
      PGL's Allis-Chalmers 620
      By: PGL · 11/22/2018
      Sorry didn't see this comment before.  The wheel weights came with the tractor, so I don't know the source.
    • gmdmtt
      gwiseman's Allis-Chalmers B-10
      By: gmdmtt · 09/12/2017
      Great pictures wish my tractor looked that good