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jbrooks's Allis-Chalmers 920D
By jbrooks, 09/23/2020
  • Make Allis-Chalmers
  • Series 900 Series
  • Model 920D
  • Year Tractor Was Made UNK. Maybe 1980
  • Manufacturer (MFR) Number 1690894
  • Tractor Serial Number 001344
  • Engine Manufacturer Lombardini
  • Engine Model 10LD400-2/B1
  • Engine Serial Number 2576852
  • Date Purchased 9/01/20
  • Purchase Price $$ Trade.
  • Condition at Time of Purchase Abandon for 15 years. Basically all there and covered with brush, blackberrys, fir needles, moss and green stuff. Probably side lined because of the wiring harness rubbing on the steering column shaft. Not too rusty or deteriorated, a good project candidate.
  • Condition Now Air up the tires with green slime in the fronts to seal the cracked sidewalks from sitting flat for years. Fully Serviced, filters, oil, trans fluid, grease etc. Cleaned and rebuilt injectors, cleaned fuel system. Rewired or fixed damaged or bad wiring . New battery, fuel cap. Overhauled and painted mower deck. Rebuilt cone clutch ( new leather on the lining ). My first diesel.... Actually not too bad. Injector nozzles looked ruff. Pulled them, they were frozen to the head, but broke free? A squirt of mystery oil in each cylinder. Overhauled the nozzles and after 24 hours in evaporust, they came apart, looked like full of dried grease. Then bermans carb cleaner for 6 hours, spring and seats came loose. Then into a ultrasonic cleaner for 4 more hours. Water became black but the needle finally came free. New water and 2 more hours. Finally clean. Gun blue on the outsid and reassembled the injectors, then bled fuel lines fired up after 20-25 revolutions. Smoked like crazy but cleared up after 10-15 minutes after it got hot. Now it fires right up Now it starts, runs, mows and does what it was suposted to do. Got access to the manuals today, but none for this one, using the 7790. Will go through the service manual tonight and see what I missed. The Wife and next door neighbors hate it, too loud and smells like a bus. They called and complained to her about the noise. But I mowed the lawn in under 5 minutes. She says it has to go, So I gave it to a friend with 10 acres. He may use it or sell it jury's still out but is runs like new. A fun project and about 10 days total. Like a new mower.
  • URL Link --


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