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918H mowing height and hydro setting

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I have a 918H and my problem is this: I have struggled to understand why I can only cut the grass at a maximum height of 3.5"... I have made adjustments to the front yolks (in both directions) to make the deck level (looking at is from the side) and had it inclined appx. 2 inches higher than the rear... Am I forgetting something?? I also had to remove the spring from under the seat that holds back the hydrostatic transmission in forward.. (This prevented me from having any speed). Anyway, if you have any helpful bits of information for me I would appreciate it.

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1. That's the way the full-floating mower deck is designed. It is designed to cut with the rollers on the ground, and "slack" in the lift chain so it can follow the contour of the ground. The mounting and size of the rear rollers dictate the cutting height. The front of the blades are supposed to be only about 1/4" or so higher than the rear... You're not forgetting to do something -- you're trying to make it do something it wasn't designed to do. The specs state:
Screw adjustment for height settings between 1-5/8" and 3-1/8".
2. The spring on the hydro control lever should not have been limiting forward speed. That's a symptom of something else... perhaps linkage binding, or something. Does the circular control on the hydro move freely from full forward to full reverse when the linkage arm is disconnected? What did you replace the spring with? It is there to "cushion" the drivetrain from quick control changes, like "ramming the lever" full forward and popping wheelies, or jerking back into reverse from going forward... Realize that you risk damaging something else like an axle tube -- or yourself -- by removing it.

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Ed, Kent is correct. Here is a link to the owner's manual for the 42 and 48" decks, describing the procedure. http://www.simpletractors.com/operation/885_886/page_4.htm Pat

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One more tip. The manual says the front should be 1/8" to 1/4" higher in the front than the back. This results in a more mulching type cut and requires slower mowing in tall thick grass. Making the front slightly lower than the back doesn't give you quite as nice a cut but won't bog down the tractor when mowing faster especially in tall thick grass. Learn that from my trail mower manual. Has solved the problem of the trail mower bogging down alot more readily than the tractor. Brent

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