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Brilliance followed by shear stupidity!!

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Well, today I had to replace my main drive belt on my AC 611LT. I posted earlier about how to get the belt off and Maynard put me on the right track, getting me the mfg. number of my mower and I pulled down the manual pdf. Well, it didn't work quite as the manual stated. I didn't have enough room between the transmission pulley and the frame to fit the belt through, so it appeared I had to drop the transmission somehow to get it out. Well, off went the mower, the left rear tire, another bunch of bolts holding the axle to the frame, etc. etc. and finally I got the tranny to drop enough to slip the belt over. I then had to get it up past the shift lever by removing the little guide dealy and I got it out! Finally!! I grabbed the belt and headed in to show my wife my success! I got one of those "that's nice dear" type reactions from her and headed back to the garage. I got the new belt on, bolted back up the tranny, axle, etc. and tweaked all the necessary adjustments according to the manual. I took it for a spin and voila! Power! I can climb my ditch again!! I pulled the mower back in the garage, attached the mower deck and went back out for a test mowing. Hit the lever, heard some squealing and smelled something burning. I put the frigin' mower belt on wrong and destroyed it!!! Ahhhhh!! Well, headed over to Jacksmallengine web site and ordered new belts. Jeez, had a good thing going, feeling rather proud of myself for getting the drive going again like it should - and then I blew it, bringing me squarely back down to Earth again. Oh well, at least this belt is easier to replace right?!

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