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9020 power steering set-up finished

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I'm finally finished with my power steering modifications on my simplicity 9020. I sure hope the pictures come up good. To bring everyone up to speed, I first used the charge pump for the hyd. power 7 years ago when I built the loader for my tractor. The hydro was never the strongest thing when I got the tractor and of course they don't get better with time. A couple of years ago I had the hydro rebuilt. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!:D My rebuild man recommended against using the charge pump for such a demanding purpose. Besides, it only generates about 800-1000 psi. so it was more power "assist" than power steering. Since I have no rear Pto attachments:(, I decided to mount a small pump on the back side of the engine for the hyd. pres. and use the hydro fluid for the oil source. Here's the pics (I hope) I first had to make some special fittings from 1-1/4" hex stock,this one for the suction line and to still use the temp. sensor. Next to make another compact fitting for the relief valve. (1800 psi.) The brass barb goes on up to the pump. Supper's ready, more later. Jason.

As you can tell, I am better at working on tractors than I am at computers. Here's another picture I'm not proud of.

I guess you can tell what things are in the pics, so I will keep pluggin'. Next was to carve some off of a Lovejoy coupling to save on room.

Next to do was mount the pump.(pump and relief valve from Surplus Center. They have some cool stuff)

Hey, the pics are getting better! Placing the holes for the pressure and return hoses was a lucky guess.

The slave valve is a general motors product. This one being from a GMC truck power steering setup from the 60's. There were several configurations, but they all look pretty much the same. If I had it to do over again I would buy a new one. (This one leaked a bit)This picture is the old set-up using the front hyd. lines. [img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/attach/iweld/valve.JPG[/img] Well we're gettin' red "x's" here and I don't know what to do about it, so it's getting late anyway, I'll try to get this finished later on this week. If anybody feels like "walking me through" this, feel free to email me. I run out of patience on the computer far quicker than I do working on iron! Jason.

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Next is the hyd. cylinder. This is also G.M. (aftermarket) This is the old cylinder that I shortened 3" from the barrels and 4-1/2" from the rod to get it to fit. I have since put a new one on. The nice thing about a cylinder to the tie rod is the force is divided evenly between the knuckles. A setup with the hyd. force on the drag link would be VERY hard on the right side knuckle.

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Well after using my loader and back-hoe real hard in the last few weeks putting in a circle driveway, my NEW steering cylinder has begun to leak around the ram seal. So much for that $100 cylinder being durable. I suppose I will have to cut it apart and change the seal setup to hold up better. It still works fine but now I have a dribble cup wired on the cyl. to catch the leakage. (It leaks about 1/4 cup per hr.)

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Nice job Jason. m I really like your pump setup!;) I have a 4041 with loader and backhoe and I'm using a pump run off the front pto. I should really set mine up like yours so I could have the front clutch as a spare part for my two 9020's. Paul

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