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The parts must be completely cleaned absolutely grease-free and by the rust. The lacquer finish takes place in 3 stages: Stage 1: Basic colour in 3 layers Stage 2: red color in 3 layers Stage 3: Clear lacquer in 2 layers I uses only 2 components acryl-laughs as with a car is made. Spray doses are not very badly suitably for tidy lacquer finishes, it are good and satisfying result. I use only autolacquers. - The first true universal top quality clearcoat - Combines exceptional high gloss with very fast drying - Drying times are 10, 20 or 30 minutes at 60°C depending on the Activator. Autoclear Plus [img]http://www.sikkenscr.com/resources/autoclear_plus_1l.jpg[/img] - Universal medium-solid clearcoat - Time savings due to shorts flash-off and drying time - Low material usage - Uses same reducers as for Autobase Plus and Autocryl Plus Autocryl Plus [img]http://www.sikkenscr.com/resources/autocryl_plus_mm_1l.jpg[/img] - Ideal topcoat for productivity and profit - High gloss 2 pack topcoat - Very high color accuracy - Far better coverage than traditional systems - Very fast flash off between coats - The system contains only 20 mixing colors

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