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Problems Starting My 7117

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For some time now (this whole mowing season), I have needed to jump my 7117 to start it. So, I bought a new battery yesterday. When I tried to start it with the new battery, it acted like it has for quite some time. I got a buzzing sound from behind the dashboard. I always assumed that was from a lack of battery juice, so I figured that the new battery was not completely charged from the store. I jumped the tractor, and I noticed that the ampmeter went up to about 10 and slowly began to come down. I figured that meant it was charging and everything would be fine. I let the mower run for about ten minutes to give the new battery a charge (or at least I thought so). By the way, the new battery is the one that was recommended in a previous post. I think it's an NF22 or something like that. It has 400 CCA. I went out to mow after work today, and the mower won't start. Now, it won't even buzz. So, I jumped it again. When I went to take off the jumper cables after it started, it immediately stalled out. I started it again and let it run awhile before I took off the cables, and it was ok. I mowed about an acre or so, and I stopped to talk to someone who dropped by the house. When I went back, it wouldn't start again. All that I get is a VERY quiet whirring sound when the key is on, and that whirring sound stops when I turn the key to start OR if I turn on the headlights. I drove the truck out onto the yard and jumped it again. No problems jumpstarting this time. The ampmeter stays at about 1-2 amps the whole time I am mowing. Those are the only clued I can think of. I cleaned the contacts really good when I put in the new battery. It starts like crazy when I use the jumper cables. What's wrong? Is it not charging? What simple tests can I do?

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This has got to be a "God thing." I tore into the mower last night, and couldn't see anything obviously wrong (loose connections). About six months ago, I had an electrical problem with this mower and I happened to purchase a new circuit breaker, which I never used. This circuit breaker was the only Simplicity part in my entire workshop. I don't have any other mower parts AT ALL. Since I was right down to the point where the circuit breaker was, I decided to go ahead and put the new one on. "Couldn't hurt, might help" I thought to myself. I put everything back together and the mower started right up. So, it must have been the circuit breaker.

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Seems like a good time to make a first post so here goes. I have a 7117 I got from my wife's grandfather with starting problems as well. The problem ended up being the connections on the back of the ammeter. It took me forever to find the problem because everytime I'd mess around behind the panel, I'd bump the connection just enough to make it work a couple more times. Hope this helps. Matt

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