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How can I tell Hydrostatic needs rebuild????

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:(! I just bought a used 1996 Broadmoor for $1200. It had 170 hours and I test drove it (on level ground) and thought it was great! I got it home and mowed my slightly hilly lawn and noticed the following. Throttle set to full and set a medium speed to mow. The tractor moves almost twice as fast going down a slight incline as going up?? When I do a tight turn the tractor slows down quite a bit, then speeds up when straightened out. At first I thought I had automatic speed sensing on the steering???!! It's pretty scary since it will really shoot down a hill then slow up. My hills are very slight; I'm constantly fiddling with the Hydro speed lever. Is this hydrostatic transmission shot? If so, does anyone know cost for a rebuild? I've never used a Hydrostatic tractor before so it's all new to me. My previous tractor was a 1967 Broadmoor and I loved it but I thought it was time to replace. Thanks.:(!

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My first suggestion would be to download the manuals for your tractor at the site I have listed below. My second suggestion would be to change the hydro filter and fluid This site has all the Manuals you could ever want. This will require some time and effort on your part Use Part# 100,200,300, ETC. to 900.Then you will have to scroll thought the list to find the one you want. They all have discriptions. All of the repair manuals are here. Part# 100 = OPERATOR'S MANUALS Part# 200 = INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS,OPERATOR'S MANUALS Part# 300 = DEALER SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Part# 400 = PARTS MANUALS Part# 500 = REPAIR MANUALS Part# 600 = Safety Section,INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Part# 700 = Neutral Adjustment Guide,Electrical Information Manual, Product Service Bulletin Book Part# 800 = Misc. Part# 900 = Service Bulletin Book,Limited Warranty Simplicity Technical Publications Document Search Engine. http://www.simplicitytechpubs.com/v_techpubsearch.php

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I dought that your hydro is shot. Ya might want to check you oil. all hydros i have ever driven have ran away some what down hill and ya have to pull back on the lever to keep a contisnt speed. when ya turn a corner is your inside wheel spinning some could be your slowing down. also hydros are made to move the lever constently that is what is so nice about them.

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I talked to the dealer I bought it from and he's almost sure it a glazed over drive belt. If I buy the belt he'll replace it for me and check over the tractor. I hope this solves my prob. Thanks for the informative replies.

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