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Happy Y2K Thoughts!


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1) Some good deals on "never or slightly used" generators are likely in the next few months -- along with other Y2K survival kit stuff... 2) Watch for any Y2K bugs to actually surface in places where date is important (like billing systems) at smaller businesses and institutions... Big banks, public utilities, etc., addressed the potential problems and at least tried to prevent them. Some smaller businesses may not have taken it so seriously or had the time/money to make sure... 3) Thank goodness the "crazies" seemed to be quiet -- there must not have been a full moon. Watching the Times Square celebrations only made me fearful of terrorist acts, that thankfully didn't happen... 4) Meanwhile club membershp is at 499 and may actually reach the 500 mark on 1/1/00... Life is good -- Happy Y2K!!! Kent
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