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Mower belts

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I just want to run something by you guys to see if you've run across it before. After finally getting my B-112 up and running again, I attacked the field that used to be a lawn. The grass was at least 2 feet tall and a challenge to get through. I did but in the process smoked the belt that goes from the PTO to the deck. I have a 48" deck. I did some research in the archives and found the info I needed to hit the dealer for a couple of new belts. The Bevel Box to PTO belt was looking pretty ragged as well. I put the PTO to deck belt onto the big pulley on the PTO and it got thrown promptly off. It went on pretty tight. I decided to try it on the smaller pulley and it worked fine, not quite as nice a cut, but a cut anyway. I wonder if I let the belt stretch a bit on the smaller pulley if I'll be able to then move it over to the larger pulley. Have any of you guys had to deal with this issue. I'm sure that I got the right belt for my tractor and belt configuration, at least according to what I read in the archives. Thanks

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The large pulley is for the rotary mowers, the small one is for sickle bar mowers. If you drive your rotary deck off the smaller pulley, you'll lower the blade speed. Did you check the manual for the proper belt? Check out the post linked below, UCD referenced the belt and blade book and has part numbers. I printed that part out and took it to my dealer today. There's some good info there, all except that bit about skinning cats....... LOL (guess I'm lucky to have gotten away with my hide!!) http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=18305&SearchTerms=42",deck,for,B-112

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Thanks Daddycat, that was one of the posts that provided the most help when I went seeking part numbers for the belts that I needed. I bought the 108458 belt listed for the 48" deck on a B-112. I put it on and it as soon as I applied power, it got thrown. I didn't want to tear up a brand new belt so I just thought that using it on the smaller pulley for a mowing and then trying it again on the larger pulley might stretch it out a bit. I'm going to try the larger pulley tomorrow night if the rains hold off. I was amazed though, on the difference when I put the new belt on that goes from the PTO to the BGB. I had been having trouble with the deck engaging even when the lever was disengaged and I had readjusted the lever and put a spring on the hold the lever back. That kind of worked. Now though with the new belt on there, I readjusted the PTO mechanism as described in the manual and it works great, better than ever. I'm thinking that the problem the whole time was that the belt was too worn or stretched out. Something to keep in mind for the future. This may be one of those belts that have to be replaced before they actually break.

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