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AwardBIOS Compliance Warning


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Most older PCs even if not Y2K compliant can be manualy set to 2000 and will run fine from then on. If you have a late 486 or early Pentium <=130MHZ you may have an AwardBios manufactured between Sept. 26, 94 - Apr. 19, 95 0r Oct 15-23, 96. These BIOS only work with years 94-99 and will come up with a bogus date everytime they are rebooted. Phoenix who now owns Award has a fix for this you can down load. Go to www.award.com/year2000 and click on Phoenix PC Y2000 TEST/FIX Utility. If you choose not to fix the problem you could pass the computer on to your great grandchildren and it will work fine in the years 2094-2099. Tim[A href='www.award.com/year2000']www.award.com/year2000[/a]
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