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HELP !!! I Need 36' snow thrower info


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I have 2 snowthrowers and I can't find the serial no. on either of them. Any idea on how to identify them? My beat up one on it's last legs was originally orange, sit's further away from from the tractor as the portion of the mounting bracket that is welded to the blower is longer, also the blower drives constantly as the tensioner is just a big spring(original equiped)attached to the idler pulley. I also have another blower in new condition that was original AC yellow with an AC sticker on it, but the pulley's are missing and parts of the tensioner system is missing. I would like to make this blower work,I have tried swapping pulley's and numerous other things but I keep burning and throwing belts as this blower sits a few inches closer . I need to identify this blower and fix it up with original spec'ed parts to make it work right on my B-110 like my old beat up one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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