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Solid Blower Mount for 720

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When I purchased this 720 the LAWNVAC blower & trailer came with it. It is so heavy on the right side it would lean way over. I don’t know if all the pieces were included with it to make it stable so I made my own hitch. First thing I did was remove the lift arms from the tractor. Used 2”x ¼” x 18 ½” square tubing for the main support. Drilled a ½” hole in the center for the ½ “ x 4” grade 8 bolt to bolt it to the drawbar with a ½” x 2”x3” flat on the bottom of the drawbar. I used 3/8 by 3” x 4” flat on the ends with 7/16 x 2 ½” grade 8 bolts. The top of the flat sticks up so the tugs could be tightened against the flat with the boltholes in the 3-point tugs where the sway chains were fastened. The tugs lay solid on the 2” square tubing. The tugs are at an angle so I filled the gap when I welded it together. After everything was in place and tightened I added the 5/16” x 1 ½” x 7” flat with 7/16 x 2 ½” grade 8 bolts fastened on each side of the drawbar where the sway chains were fastened. This piece is welded to the 2” square tubing. Now it is very solid and doesn’t move at all. Now I have to make some kind of shoe for the hose mount on the deck being it doesn’t like rough ground. It gouges and tears up the lawn were it is real uneven. The automatic end gate for the trailer is in the near future. More than likely I’ll be selling this unit when it is complete. You can go to my gallery to look at the whole blower setup. Now is everybody confused? Poor picture but it will give you an idea? Wayne

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Wayne Do you have the original equipment blower made by simplicty or an aftermarket 3 point hitch blower? Do you have the blower mounted on the rear? The blowers for the pow'r max series were made to mount on the front

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I believe it is one that the previous owner made. Don't know where the blower came from. No tags or anything on it? I put the pictures in my gallery for people to look at. Take a look in my picture gallery. It mounts on the tractor 3-point and is very heavy. Sucks the clippings from the discharge chute on the deck. It works great though. Going to use it now after I mowed around the lower hanging trees with the 9020 being the trailer is too high.

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      folowing  this from a link at the downloads.  I just rescued an AC 920 with the lambodini diesel. I can' t download  yet .  Where did you find the PDF copy you posted. . I would like to figure out how to adjust the injection pump. 
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        Over a year ago, you answered a question I had about the tool bar for my FDT. In your reply dated Dec 31, 2019  you said the spacer, part #16, goes in the bar to allow for up and down depth adjustment. does this mean the bolt has to be tightened at whatever depth desired or does the bolt slide up and down, allowing the lower hitch to free float?
         If it is tightened so the lower hitch and the bar are rigid, then is the depth to be controlled by the shoes? Or by the lift handle?
        Is there any kind of user directions for the tool bar? The Outdoor Power Manual basically shows how to assemble the bar but not how to use it
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