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Oil Drain on 7010

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This Sunday I finally got a round to correcting the oil drain problem on the 7010. I bought the 7010 with a blown Kohler K241. Two months later I stumbled across a K241 at a yard sale. Later, after a good going over I put the engine in the 7010. This is when I discover the engine is from a WheelHorse ( the red paint didn't register on my brain cell:o)). I had to pull the engine again and 180 degree the oil sump. Now the drain plug meets up with the opening in the frame. New problem, I can't remove the drain plug because of interference with the frame. I decided to pull the engine again this Sunday and enlarge the opening in the frame. Also I modified the plug to make it easier to get to. Here's the opening in the frame after I ground it out on the top of the opening:

This is the plug after I cut it down:

And the plug with a nut welded to it:

Now a wrench fits easily on the plug :

The rain cut short my engineering activities. I had planned on doing a weld on the left rear engine mount bolt head. This would keep it from spinning since I can't get a socket down on it. I also planned to make a dip stick with the plug on the top of the block by the head.

This will make checking and filling easier because the engine sits down inside the frame… hard to get to the plug on the sump. Guess there's always tomorrow. Steve

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