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BGB Swap

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Just did my first BGB swap. Took a BGB I bought from Brent B here (Thanks Brent, works like a charm!) and put it in a friends 3410. Everything went without a hitch, used the PTO clutch pack on the BGB I got from Brent as it was in better shape. One thing I discovered, (Old stuff to some I am sure) but before you bolt the tractor back together make sure that all the linkages are lined up. [:0] I ended up partially splitting it to get the PTO linkage back into the clutch pack. ;) The old BGB is pretty bad, the previous owner was a machinest and must have thought he could fix just about anything without using OEM parts. :( Apparently it had developed some slop and to fix it he made some brass shim washers to "tighten" it up.. Well all that did was postpone the BGBs demise and make the damage a lot worse. I am going to tear it down and see if it can be salvaged. Now all I have to do is take care of 2 yrs worth of neglect (Outside no less) and get it running well again. 8D

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