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The SunStar saga

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Went yesterday to look at the Sunstar. It didn't want to start so the guy gave it a shot of ether to get it started. Then it wouldn't come up to full RPM's (may carb rebuild). It did move under it's own power and I did mow some with it. Don't believe it would mow tall grass, even the short grass I was mowing bogged it down. Offered the guy $250 and thought I had it bought but there was a guy in front of me who need a call. That guy was dragging his feet but said he'd take it. Still may have a chance at it but for $250 I could repower it. Steve

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Offer another $25 if you want it, still cheap. And if engine didn't smoke, it might just be a fuel pump to take care of hard starting and maybe some governor to carb adjustments to take cake care of sluggish operation.

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