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Plastic Gas Tanks

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Same as a steel tank. I use a handful of nuts and bolts and a couple cups of gas. Shake it real good to loosen the tough stuff then dump it and rinse a couple times. Works for me.

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OK, so I am a wacko but I used some muriatic acid in my tank. It got rid of the rust quickly. [img]http://h-body.org/people/projects/monzamess/Images/Gas%20Tank%20and%20other%20stuff.jpg[/img] This is not my tank, I just wanted to see how inserting pictures worked.

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I use a handful of gravel from the driveway, mixed with gasoline. What that doesn't shake loose, a good filter will catch. I recommend the see through auto type filters.

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Kris, I've cleaned out old plastic snowmobile tanks in the past with really hot water. The tanks that I had to clean out were of the old style premix gas era where it had sat for years and the gas/oil mix had evaporated/settled out and formed a layer of gunk/varnish (what you want to call it) on the inside surface of the tank. The following worked for me. 1. Remove tank 2. Empty residual gas/lose junk by dumping into another container for proper disposal/and blowing out any lose chunks with compressed air. 3. Plug the fuel outlet 4. Fill with hot water 5. Replace tank cap 6. Shake vigorously 7. Dump (proper disposal at your discretion) 8. Repeat steps 4-7 as necessary 9. Also if that is not adequate dry out the tank with compressed air and use a degreaser to loosen any stubborn residuals. 10. Replace tank into equipment That was the basic process I used and it worked well. The heat is what really cut the oil/varnish buildup for me. Don't know if any of that helps but it worked well for my situation. Good luck, Todd

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