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At our county fair some guys took a cub cudat a cupple years ago and made it in to a pettel lawn mower it has a larg fly wheel and huge peatal. its for older people to petal pull. well they also belt a pulling slead to go behind it. I ask them if i could hook my 920 on the slead. we had all there weight on the slead 1088 LBS and i hooked arround the hich. i was flying down the track and i just slowed down cus i was handling it easy with the box about 3/4 the way up and spun out. then we took a hich pin and hooked up to were the sleve hich would hook on and i ran out of track. and the mower played with the slead. then a guy hooked his 4 wheeler on the slead and ran out of track also. a frend of mine took a 20 hp V twin engine and put in a cub but he riped the drive out of it so hes gona get it fixed and me and him are gona have a pull off next year. were gona have to bring tractor weights from home to stack on the slead.

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