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I had to temporarily repower the 920 with a 16hp B&S. I thought the extended crank would be a problem, instead, it was the muffler. Notice my touch up on the muffler? Under it you can see part of the home made belly blade. [img]http://alan_scott.home.bresnan.net/tractor/DSC00034.JPG[/img] The hydraulics sure whines under a hard load, I think next will be a new filter and oil change for it. Has anyone tried Mobile 1 synthetic ATF? Here is the incentive to get the diesel back in it, that's a hex head plug in the pan, I can't change the oil unless I pull the engine out, and I am not about to drill a hole. [img]http://alan_scott.home.bresnan.net/tractor/DSC00035.JPG[/img] Sam, the frame was already drilled from the factory for the B&S, should I ship that scrap frame back :)

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