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Snowthower Belt Problem


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I thought I would update everyone on my belt problem on my 718H snowblower. I took your advice and went back to the dealer. They took a look at the alignment and/or rubbing and found that it was not the problem. The best they could determine was that the belt they installed was about 1" too long. So they put a new one on and it seems to be working great. They stood behind their work and did it free of charge. I will definately keep going back and refering business to them. I am now back in business and having fun blowing snow around. Thanks for all your replys GR_MADE Former Message: I have an AC 718H with a 36" blower on the front. Tonight when I was clearing the driveway the belt came off of the tractor. I was a little surprised because when I had the Simplicity dealer install the blower for me in the fall they put on a new belt. When I went back in the shed to install the belt I noticed that it looked like it was getting pretty wore down already. I thought I could slip it back on and get the drive done but after two attempts it just would not stay on. It seemed to be twisting over and smelled like it was burning. Does any one have any tips on what to expect for life expectancy of Simplicity factory belts. I am using the PTO off of the front of the motor so the belt does take a pretty big bend in its travels. Thanks for the help. PS, I am not totally stuck I did put on the plow blade and finished the drive.
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