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Homelite T-12 - Rear End Leaks

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The rear end of my T-12 is pretty messy with various leaks, mostly hydro fluid, but some gear oil as well. An of course the leaks attract lots of dirt, grass, etc. From reading past posts, the most likely hydro fluid leak is from the pintle shaft(s), but all the hose connections could be leaking as well as the original hoses feel pretty stiff. I figure I'll clean the rear end up and replace all the hydro hoses, then look for the leaks. Anyone know the specs for the hydro hose (diameter, pressure, and temperature)? Also has anyone had their Vickers pump bushed? What's a ballpark cost? As to the transmission seals, there are a couple of great posts that describe/show changing the main axle (tube) seals. Looking at the transmission parts dwg, there are a few other seals and o-rings, but I haven't seen any reference to replacing them. Should I expect them to be OK? Thanks for your help and opinions.

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