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I copied this from the Wheel Horse Group on Yahoo...I thought it was a good one to share here... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I got a phone call from an ole coot who wanted to know ifn's I was interested in some old Wheel Horses ...... not a hard question for me to answer . Now ya' talk 'bout some one who lives way out in the country ..... this guy still has hoof prints in his dirt driveway from the pony exspress rider delivering the mail ! His house at the end of this 1/2 mile long dirt drive was in the woods and surrounded by a gold mine of old junk , he had many old air cooled engines ,two wheeled tractors , a Harley Davidson mini bike and one of the rarest (I mean hard to find) garden tractors I have ever seen . He had a Handyman three wheeled tractor made in the early to mid 50's (looks like a kids pedal tractor)with the original reel mower , this tractor used a two stroke 2-1/2 hp engine (it even had the original Shnacke recoil). On the phone he talked 'bout a 16hp hydro Wheel Horse with a blown engine and a old 7 an 8 hp Wheel Horse . Now the 16 wasn't much to write home about ....... I never did find all of the engine only a chunk that was 5 inches in diameter with the starter still attached . The next tractor spotted was a 1961 model 701 , no hood or engine belt guard and in rough rusted shape . Finaly a model 702 was found not complete but the engine didn't look bad . The ole coot told me the missing parts are around here some where ..... sooooo I started looking through junk , 'bout an hour later the ole coot mumbled some thing 'bout a Copperhead who lives were I was lookin' but not to worry he will only rear his head up at ya' ! Wellllll I never did find the panel section that covers the parking brake for the 702 as a matter of fact I think the Copperhead might need the panel more then I do . After the missing parts search ended (it didn't take me long to give up with that snake around)the ole coot walked me out to a field where he had some big tractors , as I walked through the tall grass I stepped on some thing and in a flash it wrapped around my right leg ! Lookin' down I saw a a slender figure as it was on my leg AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH was all that was heard out of me as I ran like a NFL running back for next ten yards ! The ole coot asked what's wrong and was still standing in the same spot, I said "snake" ....... then looked down were I was walking only to see a old thick wired handle from a bucket that I had stepped on ! I must have been as red as a new Wheel Horse from embaressment ! We then loaded up the 702 (still with out the panel)on the trailer and went home BUT I did stop at the high pressure car wash to pressure clean any snakes .... uh I mean dirt from the 702 . :^)

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