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center arbor wear

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Fellows, I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem, but, on the mower decks, is it a common thing for the drive arbor or shaft with bracket to wear and machine a grove at the top bearing. I have ordered a new shaft and when I put it together, if there is something I can do to prevent this, I want to do it. The mower if off of the B-12. The Big Ten was the same way when I acquired it. I had actually rebuilt this shaft with J.B. Weld and it lasted for three years and about 300 acres of mowing. I put new bearings in this spring and the repair was fine then. It just let loose. Anyway, insight into this would be great. Also, I have never balanced the blades even though they have had multiple sharpenings. How critical is it to be sure they are balanced.

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Balance, Balance, Balance. I have a think finishing nail on the molding of my garage door just for that purpose. I hang the sharpened, cleaned blade on the nail. I make sure it is level with one side up and then the same with the other side up. It ain't rocket science but it seems to work for me. You can also buy one of those stepped cone things.

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A few things to look for if you wear out bearings there or in the bevel gear box etc pretty often... Look at the PTO belt while the engine is running and the mower in engaged. If there is a good bit of movement in the idler pulley most times something is bent.. Be it a shaft or a ding in a pulley. It may not look like much but its kinda like the coke bottle trick we did as kids.. You drop an 8 penny nail in a bottle, cap your thumb over the top and shake it up and down. You don't have to do it hard or for very long and the bottom will fall out.... This was an even bigger deal on the old machines with the 2 piece center blade shaft pulley... Also, check the splice in the belt.. If its rough ask for another. As this will do the same thing.( just slower ) About the blade balance..Ask any Mechanic what will happen if one lock washer is left off of a pressure plate bolt.. The weight of that one 5/16ths lock washer will have every bolt in the engine and transmission loose in a short time. And talk about killing horse power ! If you want your Equipment to work and last like new, do a good inspection of all rotating parts a few times a year. If you find a worn bearing look at everything that is connected ( be it by belt or bolted ) to that part to find a reason why. Sometimes things do just wear out but not often.. I'm sure there are others that may see things different than I do and thats fine.. This is just my 2 cents worth... Salt

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