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simplicity dump cart.....free?!?!


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Hello, haven't been on here in awhile, so I thought i'd tell about something that I found over the weekend. Saturday, I went with my aunt to here house to help her with a few things and out back in the grass, I notice something large and orange. I ask her what it was and she said it was an old dump-cart, but didn't know what kind it was. I ask her if I could take it and she said sure!! It hasn't been used in years, good luck getting to move she said. Sometime this week i'm gonna take the cruiser down there and get it. Either my Yeoman or Broadmoor will make the trip, but I think I'll take the Yeoman. It's sitting in a grassy field behind an out building not used in years. So, i'll try to figure out what it is and drag it home. So, how'd I do? I didn't get a good chance to look at it 'cause it was gettin' dark on me, so I'll make the trip this week or sometime. I'm excited though!
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