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Transmission trouble

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I have a Broadmoor 728 with the three speed tranny and it gets stuck in gear and sometimes does what you are describing...Mine has worn shift pins/keys...I have been told that there isn't much to repairing these but I have'nt had mine apart yet...I did look up the part numbers for most all parts inside the tranny at www.jackssmallengines.com to see if the parts are still avalible before I atemp to rebuild one...As of last fall most everything was still avalible except a couple parts that I can't remember now.. This sounds to me like it is stuck in one of the forward gears..If so you can get it unstuck by unbolting the rear fender(for better access) and take out the oil fill plug.Get a screw driver and push up the locked shift fork while wiggleing the shifter..The fork ride on the roll pins and when they get worn they dont line up as well and get hung up in one of the gears...I had to do this on my 728 a couple years ago..its been ok since but it tries to stick in third gear if I am not carefull By the way you describe the condition of the tractor in my opinion the tranny would be worth the rebuild...and I think thats what I would do if it was mine...You could also get a used one but you might end up with something just like you already have...

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