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the redneck made it back home

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made it back from iowa this morning. drove it straight through, 1004 miles. man that was rough. anyway, have i missed anything good? did the family thing when i got home and then tried to sleep. my 4 foot iguana jumped into the bed and decided i would get all the rest i need when i am dead so i headed to the gagage. i noticed a post about restoring a 707 on here. i guess in my opinion the term restore is relative. dont get me wrong, a perfect restoration is a beautiful thing, but can you really use it after your done? like some of the car shows i go to , you restore it for 4 years , spend 50k , so you can haul it around on a trailer. dont seem like you really get to enjoy it though... looking at my 738, the engine is not original, the seat is not either( a high back with arm rest, very nice), it has a homemade sleeve hitch, a homemade front balade mount, most of the implements i have made myself. it is not a beauty queen but its not an igly machine either. it has been modified to serve my purpose, nothing more, nothing less. even the stack muffler system i welded up today for it, on a cool scale, ill give the muffler a 9.9. i love the clang of the rain cap at idle. sorry to ramble but these are working machines. someone may be able to work a restored machine. i dont think i could. my ford ranger may not win an all original truck show, but with a nitrous assisted 550 horse small block. it serves a higher perpose. sorry for the rambling kent, maybe it is lack of sleep, maybe its just ,issing this site for a few days. thanks, and later! badcars...

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Well, it's like this. I spent several hours cleaning up my 3212H and repainting it. Then it sat in the garage covered with a tarp. Never used it , didn't want to get it dirty. Then the motor went out of the 3212V and that left me without a tractor to mow or till or push snow with. I didn't take too long getting the H uncovered and back into service. It all depends on what you want to do with it and can you get along without it. Right now the BGB is out of the H and I bought a 1975 Ford 2000 with a five foot John Deere finish mower to do the mowing. Some day I will get to repairing the H, but for now the Ford is doing the job.

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