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cheap wheel weights and too much fun

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well here in tennessee today we took of the snow blades and put on the bottom plow. 65 degrees, hasnt rained for a week or so. put a plow that was given to me on my broadmoor. it pulled it good. too much wheel spin though. got to thinking and off to wal mart i go. they have a big sale going on the weights for the lifting. the five pounds fit right inside my rears wheels. i can get five in each. plus my tires arent liquid filled so i picked up 8 gallons of washer fluid while i was there. i must mention the wights already have slots cut out that matched the holes in my wheels perfectly. it was too sweet. 25 pounds plus four gallons in each rear wheel. i had hell getting them back on, it got dark didnt get to try the extra weight with the chains. maybe tomorrow. actually the way the slots are i may get for or five more , just bearly notch them for the front bumper to hold it down. but dont ever let anyone tell you that a 738 wont pull a plow. it will bust root an inch through the center , only jerks a little. everyone thought it was funny when i mounted it. i love to give the neighbors a good laugh. but i also love to see there jaw drop when this little machine again does something it shouldnt be able to do. badcars

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