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6200 Series Variable Speed Drive

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I'm doing a little research on another tractor to buy. I was looking at the parts manual trying to figure out how the variable speed drive system works. Hopefully someone can confirm or correct my observations. It looks like the belt from the engine makes a 90 degree twist to an intermediate pulley system that is variable. Then another belt goes from the variable pulley to the transmission. On the variable pulley, there appears to be 3 sheaves. For this system to work, it would appear that the outer sheaves would be held apart at a fixed dimension and only the center sheave would move. This would cause one "pulley" to get a larger pitch diameter at the same time the other "pulley" obtains a smaller pitch diameter. This would then provide a ratio change between the engine drive pulley and the transmission driven pulley. Is this understanding correct and does this drive system have any issues I should know about? Do you know if all the parts to service this system are still available? Would I be better off trying to find a 6500 Series or GTH Series with a hydrostatic transmission?

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Im not too sure, but you probably could find parts from another member of the club. The variable works ok, but mine is orignal and has worn so much it no longer works. Myself, I would go with a hydrostatic.

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