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dad sprung this on me!!


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dad was over the other day and commented on the broadmoor. his woeds were id love to hva a machine like that , that would fit through a 32 inch fence. so im guess im looking for a serf now. ill restore if for him and get him ready to roll. dad is not very mechanical, no disrespect intended. he pusg mows three yards, his, his mothers and the church lot of a friend. man that is too much for him in the summer. the only reason he doesnt have the broadmoor now is, first of all he wont take it, he watched it go from boxes to a running tractor, and also it only make but the widest of gates. king of did my heart good, he run ot around and said, chris this thing feels expensive. he had only been on ayp stuff before i guess. so his bday is in june,ineed very smalll rider to restore long before then. havent owned a serf for a while so what am i looking at as far as a running unit,ballpark, as though i could put a price on this... badcars
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