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last summer i had a beutifully restored t8. installed a 12 horse ic, fluid filled the tires, by the way brand new ags. added weights, a sleeve hitch, lights and got the paint checked to make sure it was right before i sprayed the whole tractor.one of those deals, what will you take for it, you price it outrageously high and he wont buy it, right. well no, he took it and used it hard but i always did the maintenance for him and told him what to buy and what not. well he got in trouble and now has to pull about five years. he asked if i would please use it as if it was mine while he was away. he is a good friend of mine and i would do almost anything for him and this is kind of a treat for me, so i guess i get it back afterall. weird how things work out. after i left his place i stopped for fuel at the get it all shop and noticed a truck sitting their with a few people staring at the bed. curiousity got the best of me so i walked over. they were looking at a old evinrude, probably 60s about a 4 horse outboard. well i collect them too. i asked and the guy said it had let him down for the last time and i should just take it. the float was sunk. i happened to have one close and it hasd run in the garage for about an hour. looks fixed to me. the paint is perfect and looks good behind my jon boat. like i said, weird how things just work out. weird for me to be in the right place at the right time!! but i like it!! badcars

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