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Att: Simplicity collectors!!!

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Originally posted by dutch
Unless you know the intimate details of the man’s business, I wouldn’t be too quick to judge his rationale. I’ve done the same thing in my business. Suppose the scrap dealer will buy that tractor and all the other tractors on the lot in a package deal, plus haul away all the rusty iron, bald tires, and pile of broken engine parts? How many retail buyers will do that? My scrap dealer wasn’t a fool. I always had to include something with the junk so that he could make a few dollars. It’s a two way street. The story I most like to tell is when I had a contract with an insurance company to buy all their salvage at a flat percent. I had to take the good with the bad. One week one of my drivers picked up a brand new car that had been completely burned. He saw my check for over $2000. The next week he picked up another new car that had been under salt water for 6 months. Both cars were worthless. The driver laughed (behind my back) and told other employees how stupid I was and how I had been screwed. A few weeks later the same driver picked up a recovered theft. The car was like brand new. He wanted me to sell him that car for what I paid, plus a $500 profit. I told him I would sell him all three cars for what I paid for them plus the $500 profit. He rejected my offer.
Hmmm, Dutch I have this image of Dutch's destructo warehouse. If the 2k you spent on the total burn was able to net you an even return it would make some sense to keep business going for a "driver" who would bring the deals to you. I have seen some of your rebuilding of tractor implements. That burned out car being brand new may have quality metal that would return what you spent to the automotive crash repair businesses. Two years in salt water. The metal would have a layer of rust but rust is easyer to remove than paint. Me thinks Dutch is in the hsla metals business. When i was in the appliance business i had a scrap man who wanted aluminum. The trannys on the washing machines were aluminum He would trade me non-greasy ones for the greasy ones But i had to be there to pick them out. he didnt want dryers or freezers but 3 or four trannys would get him to smile and let me unload them. He liked heavy metal too so ankor chains and large plates were a trade off to him, to heavy to lift but a trade off on a tin load to the smelter.

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