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101 tank completed

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After much procastinating I finaly got around to making my new tank. I have a question, how much will a original tank hold. I could never put any gas in mine I dont know the capasity? My new tank holds 1 1/2 gallons, it looks good to me and my wife said it looks differnet but funcional and asked if it will hold gas? WELL.. I have went to a lot of trouble to ashure that my new tank will not leak on my new paint job(like my leaky carb did for a short time). Two big time consumers was the "table top brake" I made to bend all the parts and the "test pressure cap" I made to test the tank. My new tank held 20 psi. and did not leak or split, its 22 gage steel (same as old tank). And to test to see if I could crush the tank by over tightning the hold down straps I stood no the tank and it held me weighing in at 220 lbs. Just three more steps and ill be done. 1) make new hold down straps for the larger tank, 2) paint the tank. 3) cut a vidration cusion for the botton and sides of the tank. I have takin a lot of photos of the process and my make a contrabution to the "do it yourself" section of this site soon, with lots of photos. Some 20 photos of the process are on my film camera. I will shoot some with my digital camera and post her real soon.

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