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3 belt snowblower

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From what I understand the 3 belt blower was a modified version off the walk behinds, first used on the 700's or 725's. Also used on the first Landlords before the single belt was designed for later ones. The thrre belts was just the system used at the time to transfer the power the 90 degrees required from engine to blower..Not sure that all correct info but I have faith in the membership to enlighten my errors.. MPH

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I have a 3 belt blower, havent yet used it, not to thrilled about having to get off the tractor to turn it on and off but that is the price i pay ....debating on wether or not I want to pursue finding a 1 belt blower if I can find one that fits a 725. My guess is that a one belt blower is more power efficient than a 3 belt blower. I believe Daddycat has one and uses it he may be able to shed some light on this.

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I have had a few 3 belt blowers I don't really care for them.. JMO I have had problems with most of them I had with the shaft and tube setting up..and then you can't adjust the belt closest to the Blower......

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You can adjust all three belts on these blowers, I've done it on mine several times. If you'd like I can take a few pics tomorrow showing the adjustments... The three belt blower is the "Rotary Snow Plow" for the two wheeled walking tractors adapted to the garden tractors. Look closely and you'll notice that the driven pulley on the blower is offset to the left, right where the drive belt from the walkers would be. The newer single belt blowers have the driven pulley centered in the blower.......

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