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Went out this morning to startup the B112 to move some material around with the loader. Been sitting for a while so I put my charger on. When I went back to strat it, it wouldn't fire. After turning the engine over a few times it started pumping a full stream of gasoline out of the exhaust pipe. Never saw one do that before. I'm wondering if the intake valve is stuck open. Anyone else ever have their Briggs turn in to a fuel pump. I have alot of other things to do this morning so I'm not going to explore the posibilities now. Anyone having experianced this or if you just have an opinion, please responed. Thanks Tim
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Hi Tim, Sure sound like a whole lot of sucking going on-of gas. Sounds as though like you said your valve is open letting the gas go straight on through. Just a thought like yours. Maybe someone else can give somemore feedback. Good Luck-->happyjack<-->jackl<-->
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5-1-99 @ 21:54,

I agree with Robert. Sounds to me like the float (needle)
is stuck open. I have had them do that after sitting
a long time. Sometimes they will correct themselves
after being flushed out with fresh gasoline. Sometimes
you have to dismantle the carburetor and put a new
needle and seat (if it is removable) in.

Roy L. Pope
E-Mail: rlpope@usit.net
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